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Top 1,000 Ethereum Whales Now Hold 51.6 Trillion SHIB worth $1.48 Billion as Users Exceed 1.145 Million

According to the update shared by the blockchain analytics platform, WhaleStats, the number of Shiba Inu holders has reached a whopping 1,145,212 users.

Aside from the new height in terms of the number holders, SHIB is also a popular token among Ethereum whales. The report also stated that the top 1000 Ethereum wallets now hold relatively 51.6 trillion SHIB worth $1.48 billion.

Whale Alert

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Whale Alert tweeted, “New Record: SHIB reaches an astonishing 1,145,000+ holders. Current Holder Count: 1,145,212. The top 1000 ETH wallets are holding 51,660,947,525,321 SHIB ($1,481,475,410 USD).”

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Burn Continues

Today, Steven Cooper, owner of Bigger Entertainment, the first crypto record label, tweeted that the company’s SHIB burn pot for the next “burn party” already contains more than 47 million tokens.

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Steven Cooper wrote, “Over 47 Million SHIB is in the burn pot for our next burn party already. Plenty of time to build the pot and do our largest burn yet. Everything is burned live during our YouTube broadcast.”

The previous burn party took place on Boxing Day. Back then, the team sent 239,600,144 to a dead address where cannot be spent. The goal for the next burn party he announced was $100,000 worth of SHIB—that is 3,409,943,656 coins.

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According to his earlier tweet, the next burn party is scheduled to play out on Valentine’s Day. He has tweeted that there is still plenty of time to collect more tokens and burn the largest amount of Shiba Inu tokens so far in one go.

Bigger Entertainment sells non-fungible tokens (NFTs), tickets to events, allows paid listening to music tracks. Their authors allow part of the royalties to be used for buying Shiba Inu coins, which will be sent to the dead address later on.

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