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Analyst to XRP Holders: July 2024 and May 2025 Are Key Dates that Could Change Your Life

EGRAG CRYPTO (@egragcrypto), a prominent cryptocurrency analyst, recently presented an intriguing analysis regarding potential cycle tops for XRP. This analysis hinges on the historical price behavior of XRP, specifically focusing on the durations between previous cycle peaks.

Based on historical data, the analyst believes XRP’s breakout will occur in July 2024 or May 2025. The analyst derived these dates from the lengths of past XRP cycles, measured from one cycle peak to the next on a monthly chart.

Analyst to XRP Holders: July 2024 and May 2025 Are Key Dates that Could Change Your Life
Source: Egrag Crypto/X

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The Potential Timelines

The shorter cycle shown on EGRAG CRYPTO’s chart is the Blue Cycle. This cycle refers to the timeframe between XRP’s all-time high of $3.84 in January 2018 and its 2021 peak of $1.96 in April 2021. This period lasted for 1,186 days. If XRP adheres to the Blue Cycle pattern in the current market cycle, July 2024 could mark the next cycle top.

The longer Green Cycle encompasses the period between XRP’s 2014 peak and its all-time high in January 2018. This cycle lasted for 1,492 days. Should XRP follow the Green Cycle, the next cycle top could occur in May 2025.

Understanding the Implications

EGRAG CRYPTO employed a unique analysis technique, vastly different from the common symmetrical triangle used to predict XRP’s price. The significance of these potential cycle tops is in their ability to inform investment decisions.

Identifying a potential cycle peak allows investors to strategize their holdings and potentially maximize their returns. Conversely, missing the cycle top could result in holding XRP after its peak price, leading to potential losses if the price follows a downward trend.

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Limitations and Considerations

We must acknowledge the limitations inherent in this type of cyclical analysis. Past performance is not a guaranteed indicator of future results. Market dynamics are complex and influenced by various factors beyond historical patterns.

Regulatory changes, unexpected events, and broader market sentiment can significantly impact the price of XRP, potentially disrupting any predicted cycle.


EGRAG CRYPTO’s analysis provides valuable insights for XRP investors by highlighting potential cycle tops based on historical data. EGRAG CRYPTO also recently offered a message of hope to XRP investors.

XRP is trading at $0.4976, significantly below investor expectations. However, EGRAG CRYPTO and many other analysts believe a massive breakout is on the horizon, and his analysis of potential timelines could help investors make informed decisions.

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