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Projected Timelines for Cardano (ADA) To Hit $1, $5, $20, and $200

Cardano (ADA), the ninth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is currently trading at approximately $0.4865, reflecting a 4.5% jump in the last 24 hours. 

After attaining about $3.1 all-time high (ATH) in September 2021, ADA had remained a shadow of its former state. However, some market enthusiasts and other observers seem confident about Cardano’s (ADA) potential to outperform the previous run that saw it attain remarkable heights.

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Consequent to the above, questions about when Cardano (ADA) will surge to remarkable price levels have constantly emerged, with no answers as to when such might play out. 

Nevertheless, some price predictions from top crypto chartists and other price analytics platforms could come in handy, and we shall be reviewing one of such predictions in this insight. 

Changelly, a globally recognized crypto price prediction platform, has released the Cardano (ADA) long-term price forecasts with some reasonable price targets.

Potential Timeline For Cardano (ADA) To Hit $1

According to Changelly’s projections, Cardano (ADA) will trade below the $1 price level throughout 2024. It also added that ADA will barely hold on to the $0.5 price mark.

The forecast says ADA may reach $1 by November 2025, but may not be able to hold until April 2026.

Potential Timeline For Cardano (ADA) To Hit $5

Attaining $5 will be a significant milestone as it will exceed Cardano’s (ADA) ATH by about 61.3%. Predicting when ADA might hit $5, Changelly noted that it will be around December 2029, but as a maximum price. 

In addition, Changelly noted that ADA will begin trading comfortably around the $5 region in June 2030.

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Potential Timeline For Cardano (ADA) To Hit $20

The $20 price mark might sound quite ridiculous, but it is not far-fetched, according to Changelly. The platform projected September 2033 as a potential timeline for ADA to reach $20.

Potential Timeline For Cardano (ADA) To Hit $200

Cardano (ADA) at $200 does not appear conceivable based on current price standings. However, Changelly thinks it’s not impossible. It projected July 2040 as a possible timeline for ADA to hit $200. Whether Cardano (ADA) will remain in existence till 2040 remains to be seen as events gradually unfold over the next years.

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