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WhatsApp Implements Cryptocurrency Transactions

WhatsApp, one of the most popular and biggest messaging applications in the world, has incorporated the crypto transaction technology directly in the app via Novi wallet.

According to a tweet by Novi CEO, Stephane Kasriel, on 8th December, the pilot program is open to a limited number of people in the United States.

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Through the partnership between Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company and Novi, users will be able to send and receive money through the widely used messaging app.

According to Kasriel, using Novi does not change the privacy of WhatsApp personal messages and calls.

Stephane Kasriel tweeted, “There’s a new way to try the Novi digital wallet. Starting today, a limited number of people in the US will be able to send and receive money using Novi on WhatsApp, making sending money to family and friends as easy as sending a message.”

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In the same thread of tweets, Novi CEO explained further as follows:

“Since we introduced the Novi pilot just six weeks ago, we’ve been able to test and learn which features and functionality are most important to people, and focus our efforts on making those even better.

“We often hear that people use WhatsApp to coordinate sending money to loved ones, and Novi enables people to do that securely, instantly and with no fees. Payments will appear directly in people’s chat.

“We’re still very early in the Novi pilot journey, so we made the decision to test this new entry point in one country to start and will look to extend it once we’ve heard from people what they think of this new experience.

“Using Novi doesn’t change the privacy of WhatsApp personal messages and calls, which are always end-to-end encrypted.”


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Meta, formerly Facebook, has been working on the implementation of crypto transactions or payments on the messaging app for several months. This became a priority for the firm after suspending its initial plans for the launch of a digital currency known as Diem on regulatory concerns.

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