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Ripple CTO David Schwartz: Nearly Everything Satoshi (Bitcoin Creator) Did Is Within My Capabilities

David Schwartz, the chief technical officer (CTO) at Ripple, has recently stated that nearly everything that the anonymous creator of Bitcoin (Satoshi Nakamoto) did is within his capabilities. He also emphasized that calling Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist, a fraud or liar is not defamatory.

Without argument, the biggest mystery in the crypto space is the true identity of the creator of Bitcoin (BTC), the first and largest cryptocurrency. Many people believe the name Satoshi Nakamoto represents a group of developers, while others think is an individual.

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This is expected to remain a mystery forever in other to preserve the uniqueness of the leading cryptocurrency.

Many times, David Schwartz, Elon Musk, John McAfee (Late), and a number of other people, have been tagged as the face behind the mask. But there was no concrete evidence to prove the claims, except for Craig Wright who has filed several suits in a bid to claim Satoshi’s personality and going about suing anyone that contradicts his claims.

David Schwartz Lashes Out At Craig Wright

In a series of tweets a couple of hours ago, Ripple CTO David Schwartz explained why it is not defamatory to say Craig Wright is not Satoshi.

David Schwartz noted:

“There is nothing defamatory about saying that Craig Wright is not Satoshi, just as there is nothing defamatory about saying that I am not Satoshi. There is nothing inherently wrong with not being Satoshi.

“The argument that such a statement could be defamatory comes from that fact that Craig Wright has said that he is Satoshi and thus saying he isn’t is calling him a fraud and a liar.

“But if that were the law, then anyone could make any claim defamatory by insisting they knew that claim is false. If I insist that I know that Donald Trump is a liar, does that mean that anyone claiming Donald Trump is honest is defaming me? That can’t be right.

“In context, calling Wright a liar or fraud is identical to saying he’s not Satoshi. And saying he’s not Satoshi is not defamatory. His choice to tie his reputation to a claim cannot turn denying that claim into defamation or anyone could make denying any claim defamation.”

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Ripple CTO Says He’s Not Satoshi but He Can Do What He Did

As expected, his tweets attracted several responses from the crypto community. One of the commenters said he should simply admit that he’s part of the group that created Bitcoin (BTC).

In response, he said, “I certainly could have been part of Satoshi. Nearly everything Satoshi did is within my capabilities. But, sadly, I didn’t find out about bitcoin until 2011.”


It should be noted that the Ripple CTO delved into this conversation following a lawsuit recently won by Magnus Granath, popularly known on Twitter as “Hodlonaut,” against Craig Wright.

Granath sued Wright in Norway in a bid to prevent a defamation claim that he planned to file against him in the United Kingdom (UK).

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