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VeChain Chosen by Government of Inner Mongolia, China, to Power a Massive Traceability Platform

VeChain, the leading enterprise blockchain platform, has continued to make headway in its quest to ensure the mainstream adoption of its use cases.

The latest adoption of VeChainThor use cases comes from Mongolia, China. According to the report recently shared by VeChain Foundation, the government of Inner Mongolia has chosen VeChainThor blockchain to power a massive and full traceability platform.

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The foundation sees the new development as a huge step forward for both VeChain and the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

VeChain Foundation tweeted, “We are proud to announce that the Government of Inner Mongolia, China has chosen VeChainThor to power a massive, full traceability platform! This milestone, Government-led project is a massive step forward for VeChain and the mass adoption of blockchain.”

According to the blog post captioned in the announcement, the capability of the VeChain blockchain has been tested and trusted via the experimental rollout before the adoption by the government of Inner Mongolia

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The blog post reads in part as follows:

“The success of the initial roll-out vindicates the cost efficacy and capability of VeChain’s solution, as well as its adequacy in meeting stringent government policies. Consequently, the platform will welcome additional companies and product lines in the coming years.

“In terms of network activity, the platform is expected to be consistently second only to Walmart’s traceability platform, with transactions generated at every step of the process.”

The report added that VeChain Solution now serves as a benchmark and inspiration across China, especially for regions that are looking to build their own traceability platforms that are in line with government policies.

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VeChain’s MyBaby Gains Huge Recognition

In a report a few days ago, VeChain MyBaby, a blockchain-based IVF platform, has officially been announced as a national innovation project by the Cyberspace Administration of China.

In a tweet on 22nd December, VeChain Foundation wrote, “’MyBaby’, our blockchain-based IVF platform operating at Renji Hospital in Shanghai has been officially announced as a national innovation project by the Cyberspace Administration of China!”

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