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VeChain Brings Canadian Sustainable Apparel, Frank And Oak, To Its Asian Customers via Its Notable Utility

Frank and Oak, a Canadian Sustainable Apparel, has showcased a new collection traced by VeChain (VET), the leading enterprise blockchain platform, for the first time in Asia.

The new development was shared with the community via the official Twitter handle of VeChain Foundation a few hours ago. According to the report, the Montreal-based fashion brand has opened a new store in Shanghai and currently showcasing a sustainable yak wool collection traced by VeChain in the new store.

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It’s worthy of note that the notable utility embedded in VeChain blockchain made the feat seamless for Frank and Oak, as it quests for expansion.

VeChain Foundation tweeted, “The Montreal-based fashion brand Frank and Oak just opened a new store in Shanghai. Sustainable yak wool collection traced by VeChain demonstrates its ethical production process. $VET brings the Canadian green breeze to its Asian customers.”

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The blog post captioned in the announcement says Frank And Oak opened its first store in Asia, located in Shanghai, on 1st December 2021.

The new opening collection highlights Frank And Oak’s most iconic winter products made with sustainable fabrics and processes, which include their unique yak sweater and accessories collection that uses yarns and processes traced by VeChain.

Major Reason Why Frank And Oak Chooses VeChain

The yak wool provider, Frank And Oak’s chose VeChain blockchain due to the increase in the demand for deep and accurate upstream supply chain data.

The fashion brand also noted that using blockchain as the foundation to build an ecosystem of sustainable manufacturers provides brands an easier way to become more sustainable and reach climate change targets.

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The blog post reads in part as follows:


“On the one hand, VeChain’s ready-to-use blockchain product benefits upstream providers by easily collecting supply chain data and managing production evidence. On the other hand, by leveraging the data visualization module of VeChain’s product, just like what VeChain has done for H&M, COS, and now Frank And Oak, downstream brands are then able to better communicate their sustainability efforts directly to their consumers.”

The firm also acknowledged VeChainThor Blockchain as one of the most sustainable L1 smart contract platforms in the industry.

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