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Another XRP Glitch On This Top Exchange Ignites Community Reactions

The XRP Community recently encountered a glitch on the prominent cryptocurrency exchange Unlike previous incidents, however, this glitch did not involve a price error but a display malfunction.

At the time of writing, XRP is struggling to reclaim $0.50 support, currently trading at $0.4766. While some analysts predict significant future price increases for XRP, the token’s immediate future seems uncertain. The broader market is also struggling, making some investors uneasy.

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This recent glitch on did not impact the actual trading price of XRP. Edward Farina (@edward_farina) shared a picture of the glitch on X. At the time of the occurrence, XRP was trading at its normal market value of $0.45.

The glitch affected how the XRP symbol was displayed at the top of the XRP market page on Users observed an unrecognizable code ” <|:style1>XRP</|:style1> ” in place of the usual XRP symbol.

Reasons for this Glitch

Technical experts believe the glitch originated from a rendering or encoding problem. Potential causes include errors in the HTML, CSS, or JavaScript code responsible for displaying the ticker symbol. Alternatively, the issue could lie within the templating engine or backend system that generates the content for the webpage.

Despite being a minor coding error, the glitch drew attention within the XRP community. However, if this was a direct price glitch like the glitch that sent XRP’s to $34,000, the digital asset might have seen a price increase

Some community members pointed out the recurring nature of glitches specifically impacting XRP. This has led some to speculate that these glitches are signs that the current market price doesn’t reflect XRP’s true value.

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A History of XRP Glitches

This recent incident highlights a broader trend of glitches affecting XRP. In November, a glitch from the exchange caused XRP to mirror Binance Coin’s price, showing $247. Similarly, in October 2023, another glitch caused XRP’s price to rise to $5,791.


While the incident did not impact trading activity, it highlights the importance of robust systems and accurate data presentation within crypto exchanges. The reaction of the XRP community also shows a strong desire for a bull run.

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