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XRP to $1.4 Soon? Top Analyst Reiterates Bullish Outlook

EGRAG CRYPTO (@egragcrypto), a popular crypto analyst, has doubled down on his bullish prediction for XRP, reiterating his belief that the cryptocurrency will soon reach $1.4. In a recent post on X, EGRAG emphasized that his game plan remains unchanged despite recent market volatility.

His recent analysis highlights several key points, including XRP’s massive potential for a bullish run. The analyst is confident that XRP can achieve a monthly close of over $1, which will kickstart the predicted rise. He also bids farewell to single digits, as the expected monthly close above $1 will help XRP finally leave the single-digit price territory.

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This climb could culminate in EGRAG CRYPTO’s bold prediction, as he believes that investors will soon be able to buy two XRP tokens for $10. This would imply a significant price increase from the current price of around $0.5249.

XRP to $1.4 Soon? Top Analyst Reiterates Bullish Outlook
Source: Egrag Crypto/X

The Path to $1.4 and More

EGRAG CRYPTO highlighted four zones in his chart. The red-colored “red flag” zone, which XRP is inching toward, the yellow “wicking” zone, the white “ranging” zone, the blue “consolidation” zone, and the green “bullish” zone, which is the target. XRP recently dipped into the red flag zone but came back up and is currently in the wicking zone.

The analyst believes XRP is on the cusp of seeing a massive surge. He said it could close the month above $1, which would end the single-digit prices. The analyst added that the performance could bring the crypto to $1.4 billion and beyond.

An Unwavering Belief in XRP’s Potential

This analysis was an update to EGRAG CRYPTO’s prediction from December 2023. However, this unwavering stance stretches back to September 2023, where the analyst highlighted a crucial Fibonacci level XRP would need to surpass to reach $1.4.

Despite acknowledging market turbulence, EGRAG remains confident in his $1.4 price target for XRP. He encourages the community to stay steady and watch as XRP continues its upward trajectory.

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However, market turbulence is a crucial point to keep in mind. The cryptocurrency market is notoriously volatile, and there is no guarantee that XRP will reach $1.4. However, EGRAG CRYPTO’s analysis suggests that he believes XRP has strong fundamentals and is poised for continued growth.


Meanwhile, a top XRP proponent recently called on Ripple and its executives to do something about XRP’s stalling price. With EGRAG CRYPTO’s targets, the community might not have to wait long before XRP begins climbing.

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