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Terra Classic Passes Vital KYC Proposal For L1 Developers: Here’s the Significance

A landmark decision within the Terra Classic (LUNC) community has ushered in a new era of accountability, prioritizing security and integrity by implementing mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures for all L1 developers contributing to the blockchain.

Proposal #12033, championed by SolidVote LUNC Validator, was met with debate but ultimately passed, showing the community’s commitment to responsible governance.

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Fostering Trust Within the Terra Classic (LUNC) Ecosystem

The Terra Classic community has been on a roll recently, as LUNC crossed significant milestones and has now passed a pivotal proposal. The rationale behind this proposal stems from a proactive approach to mitigate potential risks associated with anonymous development activities.

By requiring developers to undergo a compulsory KYC process, the community aims to safeguard against malicious actors who may exploit the system for personal gain, such as engaging in fraudulent activities or manipulating token prices.

The proposal garnered significant attention and sparked vigorous debate within the Terra Luna Classic community, indicative of the diverse perspectives and vested interests at play. Proponents of the measure pointed to its instrumental role in bolstering the ecosystem’s security by discouraging ill-intentioned developers.

However, concerns were raised regarding the potential impact of discouraging talented developers who wish to stay anonymous and the ecosystem straying from the principles of decentralization.

Someone took things further, offering $1,000 to any seven developers willing to change their “yes” vote to a “no with veto” vote. Despite the contention in the community, the proposal secured the necessary support and has been passed.

Transparency and Accountability

With its successful adoption, the Terra Classic ecosystem is poised to reap the rewards of enhanced transparency and accountability. KYC procedures are important in combating illicit activities and fostering trust in the ecosystem. This decisive step reaffirms the community’s commitment to best practices and responsible governance, and supporters of the proposal shared the news on X.

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Attention Sends LUNC Surging

The attention from the community has positively impacted LUNC, as the digital asset is trading at $0.0001094, up 15.62% over the last seven days. The attention from the proposal and the recent massive token burns by Binance have pushed LUNC past the crucial $0.0001 level.


The adoption of proposal #12033 represents a decisive step forward for the Terra Classic community. Despite the detractors, the community has embraced important security measures to preserve the integrity and longevity of the ecosystem.

SolidVote also promised a follow-up proposal that will add Certik, a prominent blockchain audit company, as a KYC provider. The price surge has also triggered discussions of LUNC reaching $0.001.

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