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Ripple Says It’s More Confident Than Ever Ahead of Judge’s Decision on XRP Lawsuit

As the entire crypto community awaits the final ruling in the ongoing XRP lawsuit which has lasted for more than two years now, the San Francisco-headquartered cross-border payment firm Ripple has again heralded its optimism about winning the case.

It remains uncertain when the XRP lawsuit would receive a final verdict from the judge but Ripple chief executive officer Brad Garlinghouse believes the case would be wrapped around the middle of the year. This confidence stems from the fact that the case is fully briefed, as noted by the defense lawyer James K. Filan. 

Notably, the Ripple CEO and several other XRP proponents are positive that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission would lose the case. The latest verdict from the District Court of New Hampshire in the SEC v LBRY lawsuit further signifies that Ripple may have the upper hand in the SEC XRP case.  

Per a report at the end of January, Ripple updated the XRP community on the position of the SEC case. Part of the 2022 Q4 report read:

“On December 2, Ripple’s reply brief in support of its motion for summary judgment where the company asked the court to grant judgment in the company’s favor was made public. After two years of fighting this lawsuit on behalf of the entire crypto industry and American innovation, the case is fully briefed and Ripple is proud of its defense and feels more confident than ever as it awaits the Judge’s decision. Decision timing is in the Judge’s hands, not the company.”

Meanwhile, John Deaton took time to explain why there will be no settlement in the XRP lawsuit until a court ruling is out. But Brad Garlinghouse said Ripple would settle with the Gary Gensler-led SEC only if the securities agency gives regulatory clarity on XRP.


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Ndianabasi Tom
Ndianabasi Tom
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