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Analyst Predicts 915% XRP Rally, Citing Historical Consolidation Triangle

XRP’s price has been a source of much debate and speculation within the cryptocurrency community. Despite the underperformance, a recent post by prominent XRP analyst EGRAG CRYPTO (@egragcrypto) highlights the potential for significant future growth based on historical price patterns.

Analyst Predicts 915% XRP Rally, Citing Historical Consolidation Triangle

XRP Consolidation and Historical Performance

EGRAG CRYPTO identifies two distinct consolidation triangles in XRP’s price history. The first triangle, completed in early 2018, preceded a surge that culminated in XRP reaching its all-time high of $3.84.

The current consolidation period, marked by a symmetrical triangle on the price chart, is viewed by EGRAG CRYPTO as a potential precursor to another significant price increase.

The core argument behind the predicted surge lies in the similarity between the two consolidation triangles. Both triangles had periods where XRP attempted to break out but failed. However, a massive breakout formed toward the apex of the triangle.

If the current triangle follows the pattern established by the first, EGRAG CRYPTO suggests a potential surge of approximately 915%, which would propel XRP to $7.29.

The Next Consolidation Triangle and Potential Price Target

The analysis goes beyond the immediate price increase and suggests the formation of a third consolidation triangle after the predicted surge. The apex of this hypothetical triangle is projected to fall between $30 and $80. By applying the 915% growth pattern to the midpoint of this range ($55), XRP could reach $558.25.

Multiple analysts have predicted paths for XRP to reach $500, and many experts in the community believe this feat is achievable in the next few years. EGRAG CRYPTO does not provide specific timelines, but the chart shows the apex of the future consolidation triangle after 2032.

Limitations and Considerations

We must acknowledge the limitations of technical analysis in predicting future market movements. The cryptocurrency market is volatile and unforeseen events can significantly impact price movements. Additionally, past performance does not guarantee future results.

However, EGRAG CRYPTO’s analysis presents a very bullish outlook for XRP, suggesting significant potential for growth based on historical price patterns. These predicted targets are far above anything XRP has ever achieved.


However, the digital asset experienced a 65,000% surge in 2017 leading into January 2018. Based on this performance, a 915% surge should be a walk in the park for XRP if the conditions are right.

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