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Ripple CTO Says He Could Sever Ties With Ripple If This Happens

Recent online discussions raised questions regarding David Schwartz’s, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), commitment to the XRP ecosystem. Some community members expressed concerns about Schwartz’s primary allegiance, suggesting they lie with Ripple Labs, the company behind XRP, rather than the broader XRP community.

In a thoughtful response, Schwartz addressed these concerns by outlining his perspective on loyalty. He recounted a previous conversation with Chris Larsen, Ripple’s co-founder, where loyalty was discussed in the context of a potential board appointment for Schwartz. Schwartz emphasized that his loyalty is not predetermined, but earned through shared principles and values.

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Focus on Principles and Open Communication

Schwartz highlighted his commitment to fostering constructive debate within Ripple. He doesn’t shy away from expressing disagreements when he believes it’s necessary, even if they differ from the prevailing opinion. This focus on open communication and a commitment to his core values underscore Schwartz’s decision-making process.

Transparency and Addressing Conflict of Interest

Acknowledging concerns about potential conflicts of interest, Schwartz openly addressed his significant holdings of Ripple stock. However, he firmly stated that financial considerations don’t dictate his loyalty. Further emphasizing his dedication to transparency and ethical conduct, he expressed his willingness to sever ties with Ripple if his core principles were compromised.

Throughout his response, Schwartz championed the importance of integrity and authenticity within the professional sphere. He believes individuals should remain true to their values, even when facing public scrutiny or criticism.

Aligning with the XRP Ecosystem’s Future

Schwartz’s dedication extends beyond simply upholding his values. He has continually expressed a strong belief in the potential of XRP technology and its ability to revolutionize the global payments landscape.

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This alignment with the long-term goals of the XRP ecosystem suggests that Schwartz’s loyalty is not just to Ripple Labs, but to the transformative potential of the technology itself.


Schwartz’s response provides valuable insight into his approach to leadership and commitment to the XRP ecosystem. His focus on open communication, adherence to core principles, and a willingness to prioritize those principles even over personal gain paint a picture of a leader dedicated to fostering a fair and transparent environment for the advancement of XRP technology.

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