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Pi Network Sets Open Mainnet Release Date. Here’s How Price Reacts

Pi Network, a popular crypto project, has made a significant announcement that has caught the attention of the crypto community.

The development team has revealed that Pi Network will be launched on the mainnet on June 28, 2024, marking this phase as the most crucial of its journey since its inception.

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The open mainnet launch date became a certainty after the PI Network trademark was officially approved on February 1, 2024, according to the @PiCoreTeam.

Pi Network’s phased launch approach, starting with a closed Mainnet, has raised concerns about its technical readiness. Can its network handle a larger user base? Additionally, complying with regulatory requirements, such as KYC/AML, poses a significant challenge.

It’s worth noting that Pi Network’s experience reflects the struggles faced by many crypto projects, including scalability issues and navigating regulatory landscapes.

Skepticism and the Need to Restore Trust

The delays in the Pi Network development have understandably led to skepticism among users. Some doubt the June launch date and question whether the project can deliver on its promises.

Rebuilding user trust is crucial for the project’s success, and addressing unanswered inquiries will play a key role in alleviating skepticism.

How PI Price Reacts To The News

Despite recent developments, the price of the PI coin has remained relatively stable at the $30 price level according to TradingView. The emerging coin is expected to drop in value if there is further delay to the anticipated open mainnet launch.

Users are eagerly waiting for this crucial moment, as it has the potential to unlock new opportunities and benefits. However, further delays may raise concerns among investors.

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Beyond Price: Evaluating the Ecosystem’s Value

While price movements are interesting, the true value of Pi Network lies in its ecosystem’s practical applications. The success of the project depends on building a robust ecosystem that offers tangible benefits. Can PiSwap provide real-world utility and attract users beyond the initial hype? This question will shape the project’s long-term prospects.


Pi Network’s journey serves as a reminder to other ambitious crypto projects. Transparency and effective communication are essential for building trust and navigating the complexities of the crypto space.

As the June launch approaches, all eyes will be on Pi Network’s ability to deliver as promised. Only time will tell if the project can successfully overcome challenges and reach its full potential.

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