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Pantera Capital CEO: XRP Ruling Is A Positive Black Swan That Can Bolster Next Bull Run

Dan Morehead, CEO at Pantera Capital, a renowned name in the crypto hedge fund realm, has taken a particular interest in the recent favorable decision concerning XRP in the well-publicized SEC vs. Ripple case.

According to the CEO of the prominent hedge fund, the XRP lawsuit ruling may play a critical role in shaping a robust crypto bull market in the near future.

In the ever-evolving crypto world, investors, speculators, and enthusiasts are constantly attempting to gauge the potential scale and impact of bull markets. Amid such widespread speculation, Pantera Capital’s latest report emerges as a beacon of optimism.

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This comprehensive report accentuates the potential positive influence of the XRP ruling on the crypto market. But that’s not all; the report also spotlights other crucial market influencers.

This includes the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving slated for April 2024, and the series of endorsements from the globally recognized asset manager, BlackRock.

XRP’S Ruling: A Boost For The Bullish Sentiment?

A significant portion of the report revisits a fascinating dialogue that transpired between Carol Massar, a well-respected Bloomberg correspondent, and Dan Morehead, the CEO of Pantera Capital.

This conversation took place during a Bloomberg Invest panel in June 2023. Massar, curious about the crypto industry’s next unforeseen major occurrence, posed this question to Morehead. In response, Morehead’s attention immediately gravitated towards the ongoing legal proceedings between Ripple and the SEC.

Elaborating his stance, Morehead posited that the culmination of the lawsuit might be unveiled in the imminent months. Moreover, he ventured a prediction, giving Ripple a 50% chance of emerging victorious from this legal battle.

Should Ripple secure a win, Morehead’s forecast is that it would have profound implications for the crypto sphere. He opined, “That could be the positive black swan that we’re all concerned about. The next ‘shoe to drop’ could be a nice thing.

From Morehead’s vantage point, achieving regulatory clarity stands as the much-anticipated boon for the industry. He perceives a favorable outcome for Ripple as a potential path leading toward this much-desired clarity.

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Anticipating The Next Bull Wave

The report by Pantera Capital doesn’t just stop at present-day analysis; it casts its gaze into the future, making educated predictions about the imminent crypto bull market.

Drawing from historical data, particularly the duration, and patterns of previous bearish phases, the report postulates that the current bear market might be drawing to a close.


When the bearish trends wane, the report anticipates a confluence of factors to trigger the next bull phase.

Elaborating on this, the report elucidates, “We believe the combination of recent positive events – the XRP ruling and endorsements by BlackRock et al., in addition to the Bitcoin Halving expected to occur in April 2024, provide a strong setup for the next bull market for digital assets.”

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