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Ripple CTO and CEO Explain How RLUSD Stablecoin Would Benefit XRP

At the recently concluded XRP Ledger Apex Summit 2024, Ripple executives addressed the upcoming launch of the Ripple USD (RLUSD) stablecoin and its relationship with XRP.

Why Stablecoins are Necessary in DeFi

During a panel discussion, Ripple CTO David Schwartz acknowledged the past focus on volatile digital assets like XRP for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. However, he highlighted the increasing importance of stablecoins within the DeFi landscape.

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Schwartz explained that while volatile assets have their place, stablecoins offer crucial stability for specific use cases. He pointed to activities like pricing mechanisms, holding reserve funds, and making trades without market exposure as areas where stablecoins excel. Volatility harvesting, on the other hand, is an example where stablecoins wouldn’t be suitable.

Furthermore, Schwartz emphasized the role of automated market makers (AMMs) in DeFi. These systems require at least two assets to function effectively, creating liquidity and facilitating trades. This underlines the need for a diverse range of assets within DeFi, not just volatile ones.

XRP’s Privileged Position on the XRP Ledger

Schwartz then addressed XRP’s unique role within the XRP Ledger (XRPL). He explained that XRP benefits from several advantages, such as prioritized liquidity in pathfinding and automatic consideration by the XRPL’s auto-bridging feature during trades. These built-in functionalities solidify XRP’s position as a vital bridge asset.

Schwartz concluded that the introduction of RLUSD wouldn’t diminish XRP’s significance. Instead, it would create a more versatile ecosystem catering to a wider range of use cases.

XRP Community Backs Stablecoin Launch

Prominent XRP community figures like YouTuber Moon Lambo have echoed this sentiment. Lambo highlights the inherent connection between RLUSD and XRP, stating that the stablecoin “can’t literally exist without XRP ” due to its reliance on the XRPL infrastructure.

These perspectives effectively counter concerns that RLUSD might undermine XRP’s utility within the Ripple ecosystem.

Ripple CEO Emphasizes Collaboration

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, who participated alongside Schwartz at the summit, reinforced the view of RLUSD as a complementary addition. He reiterated Ripple’s commitment to fostering a successful XRP ecosystem for all participants.

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Garlinghouse explained that the introduction of stablecoin liquidity would enhance users’ experience by facilitating smoother on-ramping and off-ramping of funds between the traditional financial system and the XRP ecosystem. He emphasized, “No way does that take away from our commitment to see the XRP ecosystem continue to grow.”


The explanations from Ripple’s leadership clarify that the RLUSD stablecoin is envisioned as a collaborative element within the XRP ecosystem. The addition of RLUSD is intended to provide greater versatility and cater to a broader spectrum of use cases, without diminishing XRP’s core functionalities within the XRPL.

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