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OPNX Announces Airdrop for Terra (LUNA) and Terra Classic (LUNC) Holders, FatMan Reacts

Cryptocurrency exchange OPNX has recently launched an airdrop campaign aimed at owners of Terra (LUNA) and Terra Classic (LUNC). The exchange, founded by Su Zhu, known for his involvement with Three Arrows Capital, aims to distribute memecoins to eligible holders.

Controversies Surrounding OPNX

While OPNX strives to establish its presence in the crypto market, its founders have faced criticism and legal concerns. The founders have reportedly failed to respond to a subpoena in the United States, raising questions about their transparency and accountability.

OPNX took inspiration from Twitter messages allegedly sent by various usernames attributed to an analyst named FatMan Terra. According to supporters of Terra, these messages contained false information that contributed to the collapse of the Terra ecosystem.

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In response to this controversy, OPNX has decided to create “FatManTerra Justice Tokens” as memecoins. The exchange plans to distribute these tokens to LUNA and LUNC holders as a way to address the alleged damage caused to the Terra ecosystem. Although the distribution method hasn’t been disclosed, the tokens themselves will hold no intrinsic value.

Inclusion of Rollbit (RLB) Users in the Airdrop

OPNX has extended its airdrop initiative beyond Terra holders. Users of Rollbit, a platform in which FatMan Terra claims to have upcoming confidential information, will also receive a distribution of the memecoins. This move comes after the Rollbit founder revealed the messages FatMan Terra shared under different usernames.

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Accusations of Fraud by FatMan

In response to the announcement on Twitter, FatMan, the Terra ecosystem whistleblower, accused OPNX of perpetrating a new fraudulent scheme under his name. These claims add fuel to the already existing controversies surrounding OPNX and highlight the contentious nature of the airdrop campaign.


As the distribution of the “FatManTerra Justice Tokens” approaches, the crypto community eagerly awaits further details regarding OPNX’s plans and the implications for Terra ecosystem supporters.

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