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One Solana Transaction Uses Almost Same Energy as Less Than Three Google Searches: Details

According to the recent data released by the Solana Foundation, a transaction initiated on the blockchain uses almost the same energy as less than three Google searches.

Solana (SOL) is working toward green energy and the evolvement of the network is getting obvious at a time when the negative impact of crypto-related transactions on the environment is being scrutinized globally.

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According to the data released, while the Solana transaction consumes 2,707 Joules, a single Google search uses 1,080 Joules.

Solana tweeted, “Solana was built to be an incredibly energy efficient chain. The most recent energy impact report from @SolanaFndn found that a Solana transaction uses around the same energy as a few Google searches – 2,707 Joules, to be precise.”

Solana Uses Less Energy Compared To Ethereum 2.0

Although Ethereum is yet to fully transition to the proof-of-stake (PoS) network, the energy that one Solana transaction consumes will be relatively 46x less than Ethereum 2.0 (Consensus Layer).

Solana Foundation says as a single transaction on the network uses 2,707 Joules, one transaction on the ETH 2.0 network will consume 126,000 Joules.

The current Ethereum network is even incomparable as a single transaction uses 692,820,000 Joules, while one transaction on the Bitcoin network consumes 6,995,592,000 Joules.

Also, the data shows that a single transaction on the Solana network uses lower energy than keeping an LED light bulb on for an hour and working on a PC for one hour.

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Despite the fact that the Solana network currently consumes relatively low energy compared to other chains, the team is still advocating for improved ways to “offset the already low energy impact.”

In December 2021, Solana Foundation announced that the blockchain achieved carbon neutrality for the year.


Reacting to the development, Dan Albert, Executive Director of the Solana Foundation, said:

“We’re dedicated to keeping the Solana ecosystem as environmentally friendly as possible. Our carbon neutrality initiatives, paired with Solana’s high-performance, energy-efficient design, means the community can build a sustainable web3 future for many years to come.”

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