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NFTWhisky Launches Dreama 2082 NFT Collection

Bristol, United Kingdom, 27th April, 2022, Chainwire

Dreama 2082, presented by NFTWhisky, is unlike any other NFT project. By holding a Dreama 2082 NFT, owners will be given exclusive access to Dreama 2082 bottled whisky after it matures in 10, 12, 15, 18, or 60 years. They will also be involved with this high-end whisky collection from the very beginning. Merging physical and digital, this project consists of five distinctive whiskies accompanied by five unique NFT artworks.

The total supply of NFTs is 1,300. Dreama 2082, a group of single-malts, soon to begin maturation, is now available as five distinctive and highly collectible artworks and whiskies:

Anu (10 years maturation), Ninki (12), Enlil (15), Inanna (18), and Enki (60). These whiskies bring together the ancient and the cutting-edge, artisanal production and 21st-century technology, the North Sea (distilleries and the Mediterranean, Scottish whisky and fine Italian wine), the present and a future decade in the making — an ethos embodied in five distinctive and highly collectible artworks and whiskies.

‘Whisky aficionados believe strongly in patience and tradition, both things that are at the heart of the drink they love — and are at the heart of Dreama 2082. But we also wanted to offer them a unique opportunity: not to come in at the end of the process, buying a bottle that has already matured, but rather to be involved from the very beginning.’

NFWhisky’s embrace of NFT technology and uniquely participatory approach ensure that the Dreama 2082 journey begins now. Upon purchase, collectors will receive an NFT artwork reflecting the label on the final bottle, providing access to the finished whisky from anywhere in the world when it is released, along with the opportunity to be part of the exclusive NFWhisky community, giveaways, and collaborations. Over the maturation period, samplings will be released alongside filmed documentation, with collectors invited to travel to the Aeolian caves in-person/virtually to observe and participate in the sampling and maturation process.

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NFWhisky is a gateway for authentic distilleries around the globe to circulate and distribute whisky in a new way, involving the whisky lovers community to participate in various stages of its creation.


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