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Machine Learning Algorithm Predicts XRP Price for August 1, 2024

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a recent stagnation after a period of bullish activity. This includes XRP which has seen its price decline after surpassing a key resistance level. However, there are contrasting predictions for XRP’s future, with some AI algorithms forecasting a decrease and others suggesting a significant rise by August 2024.

AI-Driven Predictions for XRP

The AI algorithm from CoinCodex which focuses on technical analysis factors like historical price movements and chart patterns predicts a price of $0.384764 for XRP on August 1, 2024. XRP is trading at $0.5247, showing a 24-hour decline of 2.02%. CoinCodex’s target signifies a potential decline of 36.4% from its current price.

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For a different perspective, we consulted ChatGPT, OpenAI’s powerful AI-powered Large Language Model (LLM). The chatbot did not provide any targets but reinforced that there’s a good chance XRP’s price might drop before August 1.

Top Analysts Share Their Opinions

Maximus Prime (@RalstonMax), a crypto analyst, points to the recent rejection at a critical resistance level and emphasizes the need for XRP to regain this level for a bullish trend, supporting the bearish outlook for XRP.

EGRAG CRYPTO, a prominent crypto analyst, also weighed in on XRP’s short-term future. Looking at the XRP/BTC chart, the analyst predicted a massive decline for the digital asset. However, this decline is not the end, as the analyst expects a rocket rally following this price decline.

More analysts lean toward EGRAG CRYPTO’s view, as prominent figures have called XRP the next Bitcoin because of its massive potential for growth.

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AI Dissension and XRP’ Future

Not all AI models share the bearish outlook for XRP. Gemini is bullish on the digital assets future, suggesting it could reach $0.6 by the beginning of August. This price target is 14.35% higher than XRP’s current price and places XRP at the crucial $0.6 level which many analysts hope it can overcome soon.

Although these predictions seem different, they might all look at different digital asset timelines. Many AI Tools and analysts have shared their long-term bullish outlook for XRP. The predictions of a short-term decline could just be a small bump in the road in XRP’s overall upward trajectory.


The contrasting predictions from AI and experts also showcase the uncertainties in cryptocurrency markets. However, multiple signs are pointing toward a $1 target for XRP, and the next few months will be intriguing as XRP joins the market-wide 2024 bull run.

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