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LUNC to $1? Terra Classic Core Developer Submits Major Recovery Proposal

Genuine Labs, a Terra Classic developer, has submitted a significant proposal to become the official core developer of the Terra Classic chain. The developer group recognizes the need for a dedicated team to manage code reviewing, PR merging, and maintenance, especially after the disbandment of JL1TF.

While the community appreciates the efforts, some prominent members have raised concerns about communication issues and team availability.

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Genuine Labs’ Proposal

The developer team, consisting of three members, has undergone the required KYC processes via Solidproof. They propose to manage the classic-terra/core repository, currently maintained by the community and various developer groups. Their responsibilities include code review, PR merging, repository maintenance, feature integration, security patching, and technical support.

Genuine Labs pledges to release regular progress notes, detailing their work, plans, and logs, ensuring transparency with the community. They have set a monthly cost of $10,000 in LUNC for their services, which would be separate from other tasks proposed through the PPJ framework.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Movement

The LUNC price, currently trading at $0.0001215, indicates that it still has hurdles to overcome before attaining the $1 dream price. This price target is expected to be driven by factors like burn initiatives, recent upgrades, and upcoming upgrades like Cosmos SDK 0.50.

Amid these market developments, crypto analyst, Javon Marks, recently forecasts a potential increase of 63% for LUNC, identifying a recent breakout above a key resistance level as a significant indicator.

Genuine Labs’ proposal could contribute to the growth of the Terra Classic ecosystem. The community’s response to the proposal will be a crucial determinant of the project’s trajectory. As the community deliberates on the proposal, they must consider the team’s expertise, communication channels, and long-term vision.

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The success of Terra Classic relies on a collaborative effort of developers, validators, and the community. By fostering a transparent and inclusive decision-making process, the community can ensure the project’s growth and stability.


As the crypto market evolves, Terra Classic must adapt and innovate to remain competitive. Genuine Labs’ proposal presents an opportunity for the community to come together and shape the project’s future.

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