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IOG Confirms 12th September as the Alonzo Mainnet Launch Date. Smart Contracts Era On Its Way

Input Output Global (IOG), the software firm behind the development of Cardano (ADA) led by Charles Hoskinson, has recently announced that 12th September 2021 is now confirmed for the mainnet launch of Alonzo.

On 13th August 2021, Tim Harrison, the marketing and communications director at Input Output Global (IOG), announced 12th September as the estimated date for the Alonzo Hard Fork combinator event, which is expected to activate smart contracts functionality on the Cardano network.

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12th September Confirmed For Alonzo Mainnet Launch

The Alonzo Era is on its way. A couple of hours ago, IOG, in a series of tweets, confirmed 12th September as the actual launch date of Alonzo. This implies that the Cardano community should expect the running of smart contracts on mainnet in a matter of days.

In a series of tweets, IOG wrote:

“LAUNCH CONFIRMED: Today, around 17:26 UTC we successfully submitted an update proposal to the Cardano mainnet, to trigger a hard fork combinator event on Sunday.

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“The Alonzo HFC event will be the most significant upgrade yet, laying the firmest of foundations for an exciting new era of smart contracts on Cardano. Here’s the moment – just minutes ago – that Sam submitted the upgrade proposal.

“On Sunday, core Plutus smart contracts capability will be deployed to the Cardano mainnet using our unique HFC technology. Along with compatibility upgrades across the whole software stack.

“Exchanges, third-parties and the Cardano stake pool operator community all continue to get Ready For Alonzo. Thank to you all for your continuing support Cardano (ADA).

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“We’re on our way. Remember, this may be the end of one long journey. But it’s the start of an exciting new phase in our development as a smart contracts network. We’ll have lots to share over the months ahead as our exciting ecosystem continues to grow.

“Start by joining us this Sunday LIVE to hear more from the team about what to expect as we head towards the Cardano summit, and beyond. More details on that a little later this week.”

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