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The Date Smart Contracts Will Start Running On Cardano Has Been Announced

Tim Harrison, the marketing and communications director at Input Output Global (IOG), has recently announced that 12th September has been slated for the mainnet deployment of Alonzo hard fork.

This upgrade is one of the most anticipated developments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As it is widely known, this hard fork will give users the room to run smart contracts on Cardano, which is currently the largest proof of stake (PoS) blockchain.

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According to Cardano’s head of delivery, Nigel Hemsley, engineering and test teams are putting their efforts together to make the hard fork combinator event a success.

The Joining To Alonzo Hard Fork

For the time being as reported by U.Today, partners will continue to work on their respective decentralized applications (DApps), which are written in Plutus programming language.

At the end of the Purple phase, as stated by the head of delivery at IOG, Cardano will end up with relatively 500 members that are currently working on the network.

Hemsley added that the software firm, IOG, will have its final mainnet candidate released for the node Plutus Core.

Also, the report says that Cardano testnet has been scheduled for hard fork on 1st September to make the team see its performance in a production environment.

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According to Hemsley, all the events mentioned above are vital for the successful deployment of Alonzo hard fork.

Nigel Hemsley noted:


“As we come up toward this hard fork, we will deliver the Plutus capability, a full toolbox of smart contract capability, and then we’ll start it right from there. It gives us the foundation to build on Cardano…We’ll have more and more dApps and other innovations coming out shortly afterwards.”

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