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Here’s When Google Bard Projects XRP To Reach $10 to $20 Price Range

Expectations for an XRP price surge are currently higher than they have been in a long time. With the intensifying bullish predictions, increased discussions of a Ripple Initial Public Offering (IPO), and more major events in the crypto market, the chances for an XRP surge are massive.

To see how far XRP can go, we asked Bard, Google’s AI-powered chatbot, for a likely timeline for XRP to reach $10 to $20.

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Google Bard’s Predictions

Google Bard gave an intriguing insight into XRP’s future. The AI chatbot believes that the digital asset can reach $10 to $15 within 5 to 10 years. However, it emphasized that this was just speculation based on multiple considerations, and refused to guarantee any price predictions.

Bard delved into the potential drivers and roadblocks that could shape XRP’s journey toward and potentially away from this ambitious target.

Potential Drivers for XRP Price Bull Run

At its core, XRP thrives on facilitating swift and cost-effective cross-border payments. Google Bard highlights that if financial institutions and payment providers continue to embrace it, demand could skyrocket, sending the price upwards.

Bard believes regulatory clarity and the end to the XRP lawsuit would also be a game-changer, potentially attracting institutional investors who are currently hesitant due to the uncertainty. Although XRP’s non-security status is no longer up for debate, some investors still have cold feet due to the protracted lawsuit.

Another driver Bard highlights is Ripple’s success, which the AI chatbot believes is “intricately linked” to XRP’s fate. According to Bard, wider adoption of Ripple’s products and services, like RippleNet, would undoubtedly create a positive effect on the adoption and price of XRP.

Additionally, advancements in the XRP Ledger (XRPL) could unlock new use cases beyond payments, expanding its utility and potential value. However, Bard highlights that these factors could also work against XRP if their outcomes are not favorable.

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Challenges and Hurdles

Google Bard also highlighted that the path to $10-$20 isn’t paved with roses. XRP faces fierce competition from other cryptocurrencies vying for dominance in the cross-border payment space, such as Stellar (XLM).

Furthermore, the crypto market’s volatility means XRP’s price could experience significant fluctuations, making it a risky investment for some.


Finally, Bard highlighted the impact of broader economic factors like inflation and interest rates. These forces can indirectly affect the cryptocurrency market and the price of XRP.

Despite these challenges, expectations of an XRP surge are high, and it is only a matter of time before the digital asset begins surprising everyone.

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