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Expert Says Ripple Could Have Biggest IPO Ever via XRP. Here’s How

The crypto world is abuzz with talk of Ripple’s future initial public offering (IPO), as its massive stash of XRP has sparked speculation of an IPO like no other. However, regulatory hurdles are currently putting IPO plans on hold, leaving us unsure of the feasibility of these bold predictions.

At the center of the “record-breaking IPO” buzz is Ripple’s gargantuan XRP holdings. Publicly available data reveals that Ripple holds over 45 billion XRP. With XRP’s current market value sitting above $0.508, this means Ripple’s potential valuation could exceed a whopping $23 billion.

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This enormous sum is what has caught the attention of Zach Rector, a well-known figure in the XRP community. He argues that even IPO giants like Saudi Aramco and Alibaba can’t compare when you take into account the full value of Ripple’s XRP holdings, including the locked XRP in escrow that is being released monthly.

Looking Beyond Traditional Comparisons

Rector emphasizes that Ripple’s business model is different from the norm. Unlike companies with physical assets like Saudi Aramco, Ripple’s most valuable asset exists in the rapidly evolving digital realm. This unique aspect, according to Rector, calls for a fresh perspective when considering its valuation potential.

Another thing that adds fuel to the fire of the speculation is the Wall Street veteran’s comment. Linda Jones envisions a scenario where XRP reclaims its all-time high, potentially propelling Ripple’s XRP holdings value to over $150 billion.

If this were to happen, the potential IPO valuation could exceed a staggering $350 billion, surpassing even the most prominent IPOs we have ever seen.

Reality Check: Speculation vs. Uncertainty

While Rector and Jones paint a captivating picture, it’s important to remember that their assessments are based on speculation. Jones herself acknowledges the “far-fetched” nature of her analysis. Moreover, the ongoing legal battle surrounding XRP’s status adds a cloud of uncertainty to the possibility of an IPO happening soon.

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Despite all the excitement, Ripple’s future depends on navigating regulatory challenges and establishing clear legal frameworks for XRP. The true valuation of the company, with or without IPO, will ultimately be determined by the success of its core business, RippleNet, which has the potential to revolutionize cross-border payments.


While the idea of a record-breaking Ripple IPO driven by its XRP holdings is enticing, it’s important to approach the topic with a balanced perspective.

Regulatory hurdles and market uncertainties create a foggy outlook. However, Ripple’s unique position in the digital asset landscape demands close attention as it charts its course forward. The success of Ripple’s core business, not just the speculation around XRP, will ultimately define its true value proposition.

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