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Top Bitcoin Chartist: “I’m Expecting XRP to Bounce Soon”

A wave of optimism has swept through the XRP community following a bullish prediction from an experienced Bitcoin investor and encouraging on-chain data. However, questions remain about the claim’s validity and its possible impact on the asset’s price.

MichaelXBT, a well-known Bitcoin investor on the X platform, has sparked excitement by expressing his belief in an upcoming upward surge for XRP. His statement, “I’m expecting XRP to bounce soon,” accompanied by a technical chart illustrating the asset’s recent decline, has generated significant interest.

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Technical Analysis Presents an Interesting Picture

The chart shared by MichaelXBT reveals an intriguing pattern. Despite XRP’s downward trend since December 2023, the opening and closing candlesticks on the daily timeframe have been getting closer over the past eight weeks. This narrowing pattern, often seen as a period of consolidation, has fueled optimism for a potential breakout.

Despite the excitement, some market participants remain unconvinced, labeling XRP a “garbage coin” that cannot experience significant upward movement. MichaelXBT counters this view by highlighting the asset’s potential for quick and powerful surges, followed by corrections. While this may be enticing to certain investors, the question of widespread adoption still lingers.

On-Chain Data Suggests Whale Activity

Santiment, a market intelligence platform, has added another layer of interest by identifying on-chain metrics that hint at potential positivity for XRP. Their recent report highlights several key indicators:

– XRP whale transactions surpassed $1 million, reaching a seven-month high on January 31st, indicating potential institutional interest.
– Santiment reports no signs of major XRP holders engaging in panic selling, suggesting confidence in the asset’s future potential.
– Wallets holding over 10 million XRP now control 67.2% of the total supply, the highest level since 2022, potentially signaling accumulation and anticipation.

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XRP: A Possible Rebound Candidate

Santiment concludes that these on-chain factors, combined with MichaelXBT’s prediction, make XRP a strong contender for a potential rebound. However, they emphasize the inherent volatility of the crypto market and the importance of conducting individual research before making investment decisions.


While MichaelXBT’s prediction and the on-chain data offer intriguing insights, it is crucial to carefully analyze various factors before making any investment decisions. Keeping a close eye on the market and understanding the fundamental aspects of XRP will be key to navigating the potential volatility that lies ahead.

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