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Google Bard Sets Terra Classic (LUNC) Price For December 2024

Terra Classic (LUNC) has started to slow down after a series of massive surges, losing the $0.0002 crucial support. LUNC is trading at $0.0001917, with a 4.66% price plummet in the last 24 hours. However, the digital asset is still up 43.14% in the past week and 196.82% in one month.

The community is hoping for a continued uptrend. With the Bitcoin halving coming next year and the overall bullish sentiment in the crypto market, we consulted Google Bard to see how these factors will affect LUNC and its price by December 2024.

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Google Bard’s Prediction

Google’s AI chatbot admitted that predicting LUNC’s price for the end of next year would be challenging. It began by highlighting the current state of the market and pointing out the potential effect of the Bitcoin halving, stating, “The upcoming Bitcoin halving in April 2024 might potentially push the entire market upwards due to reduced supply and increased demand.”

Following that, Bard listed potential factors that could influence LUNC’s price. These included the community initiatives by the Terra Classic community.

The community is actively working on projects and initiatives to improve the network and increase its utility. These efforts could contribute to LUNC’s value. A recently passed proposal was one of the catalysts that drove the surge last month.

Terra Classic (LUNC) also listed negative factors like the uncertain regulatory landscape in the U.S. and the inherent volatility of the crypto market. However, the regulatory uncertainty isn’t all bad because positive developments could boost the crypto market.

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Possible Price Range

Bard provides three possible price ranges for Terra Classic (LUNC) by December 2024.

Conservative: Bard expects LUNC to maintain its level, even if the market has a downturn. It gives a conservative prediction of $0.00029220 for December 2024, a moderate increase compared to its current price.

Moderate: The second prediction considers positive factors like the bullish market and community efforts, and Bard predicts that LUNC could reach $0.0005-0.001.


Optimistic: Bard states, “If significant developments occur, such as major exchange listings or partnerships, LUNC could reach $0.001-0.002 by December 2024.”

Bard has high expectations for LUNC by December 2024, predicting that the digital asset could erase another zero by the end of next year. However, it points out that these are just estimations. Although LUNC could go higher, it could also go lower than predicted.

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