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Here’s How Much LUNC You Need to Make $1M, $5M, or $10M If Terra Classic Hits Market Cap ATH

Per one of our recent articles, we revealed why it might be very tricky for Terra Classic (LUNC) to attain the highly speculated $1 selling price. 

The reason why the above price will likely not play out was linked to its gargantuan circulating supply, which resulted in an unimaginable market capitalization after calculations. 

Having established how complicated it might be for LUNC to attain a $1 price level, the same can not be said for LUNC attaining higher price levels to break above its market cap all-time high (ATH).

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Before the collapse of the former Terra (LUNA) in May 2022, the digital asset attained a price ATH of $119.2 in April 2022. Its market cap during its ATH was $40.99 billion, implying that the circulating supply was roughly 340 million LUNC before the collapse.

Comparing the above scenario with what is obtainable presently, achieving a remarkably high price becomes nearly impossible as LUNC’s circulating supply has spiked to significantly elevated levels. 

LUNC’s circulating pool is currently over 5.8 trillion, with a market capitalization of $1,185,359,556. Should this market capitalization surge to attain its all-time market cap high, there would be a considerable increase in LUNC’s selling price. 

So, if the Terra Classic circulating supply does not change significantly, the token will be worth approximately $0.007 at its market cap ATH of $40.99 billion.

Meanwhile, LUNC is currently changing hands at approximately $0.00021. Attaining price levels at $0.007 would indicate a surge of about 3,233.3%, implying remarkable profits for investors who can join the investment now.

Amount of LUNC Needed To Make $1 Million At Market Cap ATH

For LUNC at $0.007, approximately 142.86M tokens will sum up to a million dollars. Accumulating a similar amount of Terra Classic (LUNC) based on current prices will cost about $30,000.

Remarkably, profits from the above investment will be about $970,000.

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Amount of LUNC Needed To Make $5 Million At Market Cap ATH

714.3 million LUNC tokens will be worth $5 million at $0.007 LUNC price. Procuring these coins at LUNC’s current price would require an investment capital of about $150K. 

The potential profit from replicating the above investment will run into $4.85 million. 


Amount of LUNC Needed To Make $10 Million At Market Cap ATH

At the $0.007 selling price, approximately 1.43 billion LUNC holdings will amount to $10 million. At current prices, the LUNC tokens will cost approximately $300,000.

Readers should note that there is no guarantee that events in the crypto sphere will play out as described in this article. So, it should not be treated as investment advice.

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Chinedu Agbakwusi
Chinedu Agbakwusi
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