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Financial Service Provider Based in Europe Makes LUNC Burn Announcement, Says More Burns Upcoming

CoinInn, a financial service provider based in Germany, the United Kingdom (UK), and the Netherlands, with cryptocurrency trading functionalities, publicized the level to which it has supported and contributed to the LUNC burn initiative. The exchange hinted that it aims to burn more Terra Classic tokens in the foreseeable future, mentioning its plans to launch a Terra-powered wallet. 

According to a Wednesday announcement, CoinInn disclosed that it has destroyed a massive volume of the Terra Classic native token, which amounted to approximately 40 million LUNC as of October 12. In addition, CoinInn stated that its next major LUNC burn target is 100 million LUNC, citing that it has plans to roll out a Terra wallet. 

Whale Alert

“40M LUNC burn achieved!! 100M coming soon. Also, we wanted to leak something interesting as well, it will open a new gate for Terra Wallet. Please direct me to someone I can talk to,” the update read.

In response, ReXx, Terra Rebels admin and marketing representative lauded CoinInn for their immense contributions towards the reduction of the LUNC token circulating supply to 10 billion from the initial 6.9 trillion. “TerraRebels is here for you @coin_inn. Thank you for all of your #LUNC burn contributions,” ReXx of Terra Rebels wrote


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Meanwhile, Binance, the leading blockchain ecosystem, and digital assets exchange destroyed about 5.5 billion LUNC tokens worth approximately $1.8 million in its first burn event, courtesy of the accumulated trading fees obtained through users’ trading activities. 


It is worth noting that the LUNC burn mission is gaining momentum by the day as more crypto exchanges align with the community’s goal. However, Changpeng Zhao, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Binance pointed out that adopting a lesser tax burn fee would facilitate the burning of the Terra Classic (LUNC).

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