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Ethereum Mainnet Shadow Fork 10 Done and Dusted in Preparation for the Merge in September

Mainnet shadow fork 10 or MS10 has been executed on the Ethereum network as the Merge approaches. The focus of this shadow fork was on the testing of key releases that approximate the releases that will be used in the final Ethereum public testnet (Goerli) merge. The Goerli merge is planned for August 10.

Mainnet Shadow Fork 10

In preparation for the Goerli testnet merge in August and the Merge upgrade on the Ethereum mainnet in September, the blockchain’s core developers have implemented the mainnet shadow fork 10.

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The upgrade was executed on Tuesday, 26 hours earlier than planned, when the Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD) was overridden at 54,892,065,290,522,348,390,492 at block 15217902

The mainnet shadow fork 10 is part of the final testings done by Ethereum core developers to clear the path ahead of the anticipated September Merge. To note, the MS10 comes 11 days after the mainnet shadow fork 9 was executed. 

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According to reports, Ethereum developers focused on testing key releases that approximate the ones in the forthcoming Goerli merge, during the tenth shadow fork.

The Merge is set to run through the third and final Ethereum public testnet hard fork before the real Ethereum Merge. So, the Merge has successfully run through the Ropsten testnet and Sepolia testnet. The successful Gray Glacier upgrade was also an activity in preparation for the Merge. 

Unlike the Mainnet Shadow Fork 9, no significant glitches were found in the tenth shadow fork. Notably, more shadow forks are expected to take place before the actual event that will transition Ethereum from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS). 

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The Merge to Make Ethereum Better

It is said that after the Merge, Ethereum will become more scalable and mature than it was before. However, crypto miners will lose a major source of income as Ethereum will no longer support mining activities.


On this note, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said that Ethereum Classic is a fine chain for miners to patronize.

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