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Sepolia Testnet Runs Through The Merge Successfully: Details

Ethereum developers have completed the Merge on the  Sepolia public testnet. With the last testnet deployment inbound, Ethereum is set to transition into a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain. 

Sepolia Testnet Activates The Merge

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After years of work to bring proof-of-stake to Ethereum, the team is gradually getting closer to making the shift happen, as testnets deployments are being wrapped up successfully.

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The purpose of running the Merge on public testnets is to final test and/or trial run the complex upgrade before it is activated on the mainnet.

In other words, the goal is to check if the validator nodes from both the execution layer (PoW) and Beacon chains (PoS) of these testnets can work together. Their successful implementation implies that mainnet activation will be a success too.

As earlier announced, Sepolia is now the second of the three public testnets to run through the Merge after the Bellatrix upgrade had previously been implemented on the testnet’s Beacon Chain.

In the Merge event, Sepolia’s execution layer, operating as proof-of-work, “merged” with its beacon chain consensus layer which runs as proof-of-stake. In achieving this, node operators on Sepolia’s consensus and execution layers updated their client software accordingly.

The summary of the event was then published by a lead Ethereum developer. Terence.eth noted that the Merge transition itself on Sepolia testnet was a success. Afterward, 25-30% of the validators went offline shortly after the merge, citing that the offline validators were due to wrong configurations. However, he noted that the offline parties have updated their configurations, and validators are up.

There’s no client bug and these hiccups will not delay the Merge. Finally, this is what testnets are; to enable interested parties to test their setups and configs.  Better now than the mainnet, he added. 

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Georli/Prater Testnet and Mainnet Merge Next Up

With the Ropsten and Sepolia testnets now merged, Georli/Prater will be the last testnet to trial run the Merge before the actual mainnet Merge event comes up. Notably, Goerli is an execution layer testnet while Prater is a consensus layer testnet.

According to the team, the exact date for the Merge is yet to be determined. However, after the Georli testnet upgrade, the expected date for the much-awaited Merge will be disclosed.

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