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Elon Musk’s AI Lists Times Ripple Executives Mention XRP as a Global Reserve Currency

Elon Musk’s AI, Grok, has delved into past statements by Ripple executives, uncovering their perspectives on XRP’s potential role as a global reserve currency. This discovery was shared on X by Digital Asset Investor (@digitalassetbuy) and has sparked renewed interest within the XRP community.

Digital Asset Investor stated, “This has always been why I’m here. No chasing green candles or the next pump for me. Not going to miss the big one.” While he emphasizes long-term value and strategic positioning over short-term price fluctuations, his investment decision hinges on XRP’s theoretical viability as a reserve currency.

His recent post sharing Grok’s analysis highlights this very question and also explains his discussion with Grok about executives mentioning XRP as a global reserve currency.

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Ripple Executives’ Historical Commentary

XRP’s role as a global reserve currency has been addressed by Ripple executives multiple times, and Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) David Schwartz recently shared his opinion on the issue.

Grok’s analysis focuses on various occasions where Ripple’s leadership, specifically CEO Brad Garlinghouse and Chairman Chris Larsen, have addressed XRP’s potential in the global financial landscape.

In a 2018 interview with CNBC, Garlinghouse envisioned XRP not as a direct competitor to fiat currencies but as a “bridge currency.” He emphasized its ability to streamline cross-border payments, potentially revolutionizing globalization in this arena.

Building upon this sentiment, Garlinghouse, in a 2018 interview with Bloomberg, underscored XRP’s utility in tackling the significant challenges associated with global payments, highlighting its potential to address a multi-trillion-dollar problem.

Chris Larsen, echoing Garlinghouse’s perspective, has consistently emphasized XRP’s unique use case within the institutional sphere. He has differentiated XRP from other digital assets by its specific focus on facilitating seamless institutional transactions.

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In a separate interview with CNBC, Larsen expressed his belief in XRP’s potential to transcend its current role and evolve into a global digital currency embraced by financial institutions and individual consumers.

Grok also mentioned Ripple’s former Senior Vice President (SVP) of Product and board member, Asheesh Birla. According to Grok, Birla highlighted XRP’s unique position to solve a trillion-dollar problem in a 2018 interview with Forbes.


Does Ripple’s Stance Align with Grok’s

It is crucial to acknowledge that Grok’s analysis might not capture the exact phrasing used by Ripple executives during the cited interviews. While the core ideas remain consistent, slight variations in wording may exist.

Despite some concerns about Ripple abandoning the global reserve currency narrative for XRP, Ripple is still pushing for global expansion with growing international partnerships and influence.

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