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Do Kwon’s TFL Affirms Terra Station Support For LUNC But Terra Rebels Guns For Independence

Per a Wednesday disclosure from Do Kwon’s TerraForm Labs (TFL) team, Terra Station, the official wallet of LUNA v2.0 will exist alongside the newly developed wallet, dubbed Interchain Station. But it remains that LUNC may not be supported on the Interchain Station.

The TFL, as part of its developmental endeavor for Terra Luna, transitioned its Terra Station to an Interchain Station. Prior claims entailed that the Terra Classic (LUNC) network would lose support on the TFL’s new Interchain Station if its prefix isn’t modified before December 15. 

According to Terra Rebels, the work that the TFL has described as being necessary to make the Terra Classic network compatible with its new Interchain Station is extensive and costly Layer 1 work. Given that Terra Rebels isn’t ready for the LUNC prefix change, the team submitted a proposal, gunning for independence. 

In clearing the air and also responding to many rising concerns from the LUNC community members, Jared, a lead member of the TFL, noted that the team has devised a means to keep support for Terra Classic (LUNC) intact. 

In a reply tweet, Jared of TFL confirmed that both Terra Station and the new Interchain Station would co-exist. He wrote, “Yeah, we figured it out this morning. Can support legacy version, and interchain version now.” 

The TFL developer also affirmed that there is no loss of support for Terra Classic citing that, a legacy version of Terra station will still exist with full support for LUNC but depending on the TerraForm Labs’ infrastructure.

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Terra Rebels Guns for Full Independence from TerraForm Labs 

Although Do Kwon and the TerraForm Labs (TFL) abandoned the Terra Classic (LUNC) project to innovate a separate project dubbed Terra LUNA, the LUNC community still depends on the TFL partially for full functionality. 

Given that the TFL team is developing a new wallet application called Interchain Station that can only support the LUNC network conditionally, the Terra Rebels team has submitted a proposal to be fully independent. 

Part of the proposal read, 

“This community pool spend proposal from Terra Rebels is concerned with ensuring that the community retains access to their wallets through Rebel Station after TFL replace Terra Station with a new wallet application, Interchain Station, with which Terra Classic is not compatible without extensive and costly L1 development work.”

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“The Rebel Station Chrome Extension and Website are fully hosted by Terra Rebels, but still rely on significant parts of TFL’s back-end assets/infrastructure. We, therefore, propose that we must urgently perform work to separate the Rebel Station Website and Chrome Extension from TFL.”

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