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Solana Co-Founder Says “We Want To Synchronize the World at the Speed of Light”

Solana co-founder, Anatoly Yakovenko, who is also the CEO of Solana Labs, has recently stated that although Solana has faced and overcome a lot of challenges, especially this year, it’s on the path of becoming a more fast and scalable blockchain.

In an interview with Austin Federa, head of communications at Solana Foundation, during Breakpoint Lisbon 2022, Yakovenko discussed how the blockchain project strove to maintain uptime, especially in June this year.

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He then analyzed Solana’s four biggest problems, stating that if they are successfully solved, the ultimate goal of the blockchain will be realized.

Sharing the major goal of Solana, Lisbon, he said, “We want to synchronize the world at the speed of light.”

According to Yakovenko, the implementation of the second client of the Solana blockchain, with a different code base, should be able to prevent further issues on the network.

He said, “The probability of the same kind of bug incurring in both is probably zero.”

Solana co-founder also discussed issues with spamming on the network, which can be attributed to the low transaction fees it offers. He mentioned that a number of projects, such as QUIC, have helped in preventing the issue.

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The biggest of the challenges mentioned by the Solana co-founder is how to have multiple block producers operate simultaneously. He said if this major issue can be resolved, it should be able to drastically improve the speed of the network.


Other three major issues highlighted by Yakovenko are (1) formal verification, which refers to the security guarantees on the network (2) type-rich bytecode, which refers to how different parts of the network talk to each other (3) dynamic pricing for storage, a way for validators to manage how much the Solana blockchain grows in size.

Yakovenko also hopes to see the separation of the block production process from the transaction execution process.

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