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Cardano (ADA) to Reach $1 Before Bitcoin Halving? Analyst Weighs In

Cardano (ADA) has been a subject of much discussion in recent weeks, particularly regarding its potential to surpass $1.

While the cryptocurrency market has experienced a surge, with Bitcoin recently crossing $50,000 and approaching its next halving event in April, questions remain about whether ADA can climb this significant hurdle before the halving.

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Analyst’s Skepticism

Dan Gambardello, a prominent Cardano supporter and analyst, offers a cautious outlook. He acknowledges the prevailing belief that ADA should already be above $1 based on historical trends.

However, Gambardello argues against this notion, citing an analysis of previous cycle chart patterns. He believes ADA’s current price position of $0.60 exceeds expectations, and reaching $1 before the Bitcoin halving is unlikely.

To prove his confidence, Gambardello recently promised to gift $1,000 to a random person if ADA reaches $1 before the anticipated event. He hopes to see his prediction proven wrong.

Charting the Path Cardano (ADA) Path to $1

While Gambardello remains skeptical about ADA’s immediate climb to $1, he does offer insights into potential scenarios where it might occur. He outlines two critical factors: Bitcoin’s price trajectory and historical chart patterns.

Scenario 1: If Bitcoin maintains its current upward momentum, surging without retracement before consolidating, Gambardello believes ADA could reach the $1 mark before halving. However, he emphasizes that any significant decline or consolidation in Bitcoin before the halving would likely cast doubt on ADA’s ability to achieve this goal.

Scenario 2: Gambardello draws inspiration from Cardano’s historical chart, referencing the late 2020 bull market surge initiated by Bitcoin. By analyzing the chart pattern ADA exhibited following this breakout, he suggests a similar trajectory could unfold after the upcoming Bitcoin halving. This hypothetical scenario suggests that the digital asset might reach $1 shortly after the halving.

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Important Caveats

It is crucial to note that Gambardello’s analysis is based on hypothetical scenarios and historical patterns, not guarantees. He is also confident that ADA won’t reach $1 before the halving, and his scenarios are not guarantees of price movements.


While the possibility of ADA reaching $1 before the Bitcoin halving is generating significant interest, it remains a subject of debate. Analysts like Gambardello offer valuable insights and potential scenarios, but the outcome hinges on various factors beyond anyone’s control.

However, the analyst’s belief only extends to the Bitcoin halving. Google Gemini (formerly Bard) and ChatGPT recently weighed in on ADA’s potential price after the Bitcoin halving.

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