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Ben Armstrong (Bitboy) Says He’s Bullish On VeChain (VET). Here’s why

Blockchain powerhouse VeChain, known for its role in enhancing supply chain transparency, is poised to break free from its niche reputation and ascend to the upper echelons of the crypto world.

Crypto evangelist Ben Armstrong, popularly known as Bitboy, recently proclaimed VeChain (VET) as a potential top 10-20 mover among the top 100 coins.

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This bold prediction is not mere speculation. Respected crypto educator AJ highlights the recent emergence of a significant technical indicator known as the “Golden Cross” on VeChain’s chart, a signal that has historically preceded a staggering 3,000% surge. Should history repeat itself, VeChain could soar to an impressive $1.14 by October 2024.

But before diving headfirst into the crypto frenzy, Armstrong urges caution. He advises keeping VeChain’s presence in investment portfolios to a conservative range of 5-10%. Despite its allure, VeChain is not without volatility – a force that can challenge even the hardest of investors.

Yet, VeChain’s appeal extends beyond mere speculation. Its “enterprise-grade” architecture caters specifically to businesses, fostering trust and transparency in supply chains. This is not just empty rhetoric. VeChain boasts a robust development pipeline, an expanding patent portfolio, and a proven track record of attracting clients across various industries.

Echoing Armstrong’s optimism, renowned analyst “Raidenx” on X envisions a jaw-dropping 5,300% surge for VeChain. The days of VeChain playing in the sandbox are long gone; it now stands on the precipice of the coveted crypto penthouse.

However, the cryptoverse is notorious for its unpredictability. While VeChain’s fundamentals and technical indicators convey a promising outlook, external factors like market fluctuations and regulatory winds can swiftly alter the landscape.

For those seeking investments with both real-world applications and growth potential, VeChain may be the elusive gem they have long been searching for.

Unleashing the Power of VeChain Ecosystem

While technical indicators and price targets capture attention, VeChain’s true potential lies beyond numerical figures. The intricate ecosystem underpinning the platform holds the key to a revolutionized future.

Picture a world where every product you purchase carries an indelible digital ledger, chronicling its entire journey from raw materials to your doorstep. VeChain is diligently constructing this world, brick by transparent brick.

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Teaming up with industry titans such as PwC and Walmart, VeChain tracks luxury goods, food, and medicine, guaranteeing authenticity and unwavering efficiency at every stage.


This endeavor transcends consumer confidence; it empowers businesses. VeChain’s arsenal of tools empowers companies with granular control over their supply chains, optimizing logistics, slashing waste, and bolstering sustainability.

From monitoring carbon footprints to implementing foolproof anti-counterfeiting measures, VeChain presents an all-encompassing toolkit for a cleaner, greener, and ethically driven future.

While price predictions and technical analyses undoubtedly play a role in informed investments, it is crucial to recognize that VeChain represents far more than just a ticker symbol. It serves as the vanguard, paving the way toward a transformative future where transparency reigns supreme, and trust is meticulously cultivated, product by product, block by block.

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