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Analyst Predicts 40% XRP Price Drop, Community Reacts

Crypto analyst Jungle Inc 2.0 (@jungleincX) shared a clip from a YouTube video in a post on X. This clip showed a prediction that got the attention of the XRP community and drew some backlash.

His prediction highlights two possible scenarios, none of which are good for XRP or its holders. He predicts a drop to $0.4 as the optimistic outlook. However, if XRP can’t hold its place at $0.4, he expects it to drop by 30 to 40 percent from there.

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XRP is currently trading at $0.4715 and this prediction does not paint a good short-term future for XRP. In the middle of bullish predictions for XRP, this came as an unusual turn and XRP Underdog (@XRP4U2) got into a heated back-and-forth with him about it.

The Backlash from the Community

XRP Underdog began his first reply by calling the original post pointless. He emphasized the confidence of XRP community members, calling them “unshakable.” He pointed out that the goal for most XRP holders is to hold until it hits the price they wish to sell at.

This way wherever it goes, they will remain patient until the market swings in their favor. He closes out saying it’s disheartening to see Jungle Inc and Crypto Eri (@sentosumosaba) trashing XRP.

Their back and forth involved XRP Underdog hammering on the fact that spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD), like Jungle Inc. is doing, isn’t going to help anyone.

Jungle Inc on the other hand kept pushing his point. Although they both agreed that XRP’s status as a non-security could not be overturned, Jungle Inc. stressed the fact that the timing of the appeal could affect the entire crypto industry.

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Jungle Inc. also stated that the appeal is about XRP’s sale on exchanges and Crypto Eri agreed with him in her reply. However, XRP Underdog replied that this didn’t contest the status of XRP.

Crypto Eri also had a little exchange with XRP Underdog, asking how she trashed she trashed XRP as claimed. He replied stating that a lot of her content over the past few months had been negative toward XRP

In prompt response, Crypto Eri wrote:

“It is because I don’t rely solely on Ripple to build utility and demand? I’ve been saying this for years. I rely more on the builders. According to a Ripple lead (a couple of days ago) there are roughly 1000 projects on XRPL.


“To compare, there are an estimated 450,000 erc-20 tokens across ETH based chains. Or is it because I don’t believe XRP is going to be the World’s Reserve Currency? I first said that publicly in 2020 at a NYC XRP meet up. If these are not your examples, I resort back to my question, cite on.”

A lot of community members are against Jungle Inc’s prediction and it will be interesting to see where XRP goes in the next few months.

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