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XRP Top Wallet Has Notable Development For XRP Holders

In a groundbreaking move to revolutionize the user experience on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), Xumm, the leading non-custodial XRPL wallet, has unveiled its latest innovation – pre-funded Xumm Tangem Cards.

This groundbreaking product represents a pivotal step towards enhancing the accessibility and user-friendliness of the XRPL ecosystem.

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Before this announcement, Xumm Ledger developer Wietse Wind had alluded to the introduction of Xumm Tangem NFC hardware wallets, suggesting the possibility of preloading them with XRP to cover account activation fees and provide an additional $50 in XRP. This vision has come true, and users can now order pre-funded Xumm Tangem Cards.

A Brief Overview of Xumm

Emerging as a pioneer in the XRPL ecosystem, Xumm has established itself as a leading non-custodial wallet, empowering users to take full control of their digital assets. With its intuitive interface and robust security features, Xumm has garnered a loyal following among XRP enthusiasts.

The Importance of the Pre-Funded Cards

The launch of pre-funded Xumm Tangem Cards could positively affect the XRPL landscape, bringing several notable benefits like an enhanced user experience. By removing the need for users to purchase XRP upfront, prefunded Xumm Tangem Cards significantly streamline the onboarding process, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

The frictionless entry point this card provides could also fuel the adoption of XRP, expanding the user base and strengthening the XRPL ecosystem. The pre-funded Xumm Tangem Cards also uphold Xumm’s philosophy of self-custody, ensuring that users maintain complete control over their digital assets.

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Xumm views the introduction of pre-funded Xumm Tangem Cards as a monumental milestone in simplifying the XRPL experience for newcomers. As stated in an official blog post, these cards aim to eliminate the hurdles often encountered by new users, like getting XRP for account activation.

The Xumm card is pre-loaded with a predetermined amount of XRP linked to its serial number. This approach ensures a smooth onboarding process, with account reserves taken care of and additional XRP available for other functions, like exploring trust lines, trades, and the broader XRPL ecosystem.


Furthermore, the cards are not debit, credit, or ATM cards, and arrive ready to use, without a key pair, and generate an r-address when used the first time. Additionally, the Tangem Backup feature integrated into Xumm empowers users to manually configure a secondary card as a backup, safeguarding their assets.

Xumm has always put user experience first. A notable example was the integration of GateHub stablecoins into Xumm last year, allowing users to trade without leaving Xumm.

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