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Ledger Issues Major Warning To XRP Holders: Details

Ledger, a leading authority in crypto security, has issued a dire warning to the XRP community about a highly sophisticated scam that is specifically targeting users’ XRP holdings.

This fraudulent operation, cleverly disguised as an airdrop event, aims to deceive unsuspecting individuals into transferring their funds to malicious actors, causing a wave of alarm within the XRP community.

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Anatomy of the Scam: Preying on XRP Enthusiasts

Ledger Support has revealed the intricate details of the scam in a recent post, outlining how the fraudsters have crafted their scheme to prey on the excitement surrounding recent developments in the XRP ecosystem.

By leveraging social media platforms, the perpetrators have enticed users with promises of an exchange-traded fund (ETF) and a lucrative gift program associated with XRP. This manipulative tactic aims to convince individuals to participate in the airdrop through a provided link and make an investment.

However, this seemingly enticing opportunity is nothing more than an elaborate façade. The entire setup is a carefully orchestrated hoax, designed to trick unsuspecting users into transferring their XRP holdings.

Deepfake videos and falsified endorsements further contribute to the deception, as they convincingly mimic the voices and appearances of prominent figures in the cryptocurrency space.

Ripple CEO’s Call for Action

In response to the growing prevalence of deep fake scams, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has directed strong criticism towards YouTube, accusing the platform of allowing these fraudulent schemes. Deepfake videos, created using advanced AI technology, pose a significant threat due to their high level of sophistication.

Garlinghouse’s condemnation of YouTube stems from a previous legal dispute between Ripple and the video-sharing platform, where Ripple sued YouTube for its failure to adequately address similar scams. While the case was settled, the recent surge in deepfake scams raises concerns about YouTube’s commitment to protecting its users from malicious content.

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Protecting Yourself: Essential Vigilance

To combat this alarming development, Ledger Support has issued crucial guidelines to empower XRP users and protect their cryptocurrency holdings. These guidelines stress the importance of exercising caution and vigilance when engaging with unsolicited airdrop opportunities.


Users are strongly advised to never share their personal information or cryptocurrency holdings with anyone, regardless of the promises made. Additionally, they must carefully scrutinize any links or websites associated with airdrop events and avoid clicking on suspicious links.

By remaining vigilant and following these guidelines, XRP holders can effectively shield themselves from falling victim to these sophisticated scams. It is imperative for the cryptocurrency community to unite in the fight against fraudulent activities and ensure a secure and trustworthy environment for all participants.

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