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Top XRP Proponent Warns Ripple: “Do Something about the XRP Price Quickly”

Prominent XRP community member Mack (@MackAttackXRP) has taken to X to voice his concerns regarding the XRP underperformance and urge action from key figures within the Ripple ecosystem.

In a post directed at Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, Ripple, XRP Labs, and Ripple Chief Technology Officer (CTO) David Schwartz, he expressed growing unease within the community and emphasized the need for decisive steps to address the situation.

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The key point highlighted in Mack’s post is the community’s restlessness. He emphasized the growing frustration among XRP holders due to the token’s lethargic growth in terms of price. He stated that the community was “restless” and added, “Things are really going in the wrong direction with XRP,” indicating a rising tide of discontent within the community.

The post also serves as a direct call to action for the individuals and entities tagged. Mack is urging them to take concrete steps to improve the token’s performance and address the community’s concerns.

XRP’s underperformance has caused frustration which has been growing and has finally reached a boiling point for Mack and many others within the community.

After reaching a high of $0.93 in July 2023 following the pivotal ruling in the XRP lawsuit, the token has dropped significantly, currently trading at $0.5215. This decline coincides with broader market downturns and ongoing legal challenges faced by Ripple, creating a complex and uncertain environment for investors.

XRP Selloff

Mack also stated that he’s now selling his XRP due to its poor performance. Another user who reacted to the tweet stated that he had sold 75% of his XRP holdings because the digital asset had failed to reward his patience.

Another user added that he had sold the XRP he held since 2017, mentioning what happened with the Automated Market Maker (AMM). The user was most likely referencing the recent issue where validators revoked their votes because of a bug in the code preventing the amendment from passing.

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Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Dark Defender (@DefendDark), a respected XRP enthusiast and analyst, offered some hope for Mack and anyone else discouraged by the prevalent underperformance. He stated that he had also experienced hard times like these before bull runs. He added that he understands people want to make money, but urged the community to not lose clarity.


According to Dark Defender, “All the things are in favour of XRP.” Like most of the community members, Dark Defender has opted for the long game, waiting patiently for XRP to repay all its holders for their patience.

Meanwhile, another prominent analyst recently showed the potential for a 65,000% surge for XRP, advising investors to be patient to avoid missing out.

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