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XRP at $100 or $1,000? Analyst States Market Behavior at Major Price Heights

Pro-XRP crypto trader and analyst BarriC (@B_arri_C) recently outlined potential market reactions as XRP reaches key price points on its projected climb to $1,000. BarriC, known for his bullish XRP stance, believes the asset is destined for $1,000. Despite skepticism and uncertainty, he is confident, and many others share this belief.

BarriC acknowledges the current frustration within the XRP community due to its price stagnation over the past months. This underperformance is particularly glaring compared to the significant gains seen by other major cryptocurrencies over the same period.

On March 11, XRP’s 24-hour performance surpassed the top 100 cryptocurrencies, but the digital asset failed to capitalize on this momentum and has underperformed since.

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XRP’s Potential Milestones

BarriC remains optimistic. He predicts a muted reaction from the community when XRP reclaims the $1 mark, a price point it hasn’t reached since 2021. This dismissive response, he argues, would be short-lived.

According to BarriC, a shift in sentiment might occur around $3. Here, skeptics may transition from dismissal to arguing that $3 is unimpressive because it is below XRP’s all-time high of $3.84 from January 2018.

By the time XRP reaches $5, BarriC expects a more inquisitive approach from doubters. They may begin to question the reasons behind XRP’s sustained rise.

A larger psychological shift is anticipated at $10. BarriC suggests this is where the fear of missing out (FOMO) will truly set in, although some might ignore the success, believing the price will fall back to $3.

BarriC believes that at $100, XRP’s utility in facilitating payments and real-world asset tokenization will gain widespread recognition. This recognition, in turn, would likely fuel a surge in investment interest.

The ultimate milestone, according to BarriC, is $1,000. At this price point, he envisions XRP being viewed as a fundamental asset class, with investors saving up to acquire individual XRP tokens.

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While BarriC’s outlook is optimistic, it is a hard sell after XRP’s prolonged underperformance. Some skeptics believe XRP cannot achieve these targets anytime soon. XRP’s performance has been lackluster despite positive developments such as regulatory clarity from U.S. courts, relisting on top exchanges, and inclusion in Grayscale’s investment products.


This underwhelming price movement following positive news has shaken the confidence of many investors. However, an ex-Ripple director recently revealed that XRP will not rise until the legal battle between Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ends.

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