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What are short positions, and how they work on Uniswap

How to short on Uniswap?

Long position and short position are two concepts that are often discussed together. In the context of trade, both the cryptocurrency market and the regular market use these terms. The long and short positions are the two concepts that are taught to new traders as soon as they start their journey in the trading area.

Owning an asset when its value is expected to rise is called a long position, whereas short positions involve selling the asset in the hopes of repurchasing it at a lower price.

However, the emphasis this time will be to discuss the short position.

Understanding short positions

There are typically three possible outcomes for a short position in cryptocurrency trading. The entrance point is when you borrow and sell an asset, the waiting phase is when you sit tight for a price drop, and the exit phase is when you buy the item back at a lower price, pocket the difference, and return it to the lender.

For a newbie, all these actions might seem overwhelming. The word “short” is often used to denote an open position, and the trade entry button may be labeled “sell” or “short,” depending on the trading platform.

Additionally, while shorting the market, you have the choice between a short call and a short put to assist you in hedging your bet against further losses.

However, the stop loss remains the same regardless of which option you pick.

In order to sell shares of stock at a certain price, you may acquire a short call option, and to repurchase shares of stock, you can purchase a short put option.

In light of the fact that expert traders like shorting stocks, it’s important to keep in mind that this profitable strategy might backfire if used on a massive scale. You should verify with your exchange if they provide this service before engaging in any short transactions.

How to trade any assets available at Uniswap?

Coming into the cryptocurrency space without a solid investment portfolio or prior experience might be challenging. But more problematic is when you want to try out too short and long a crypto, and you cannot find the perfect platform.

Though it might sound hard to believe, now you can trade short positions of any assets available at Uniswap, thanks to the Decentralized crypto betting platform, Logium.

Logium provides viable crypto market options since it can be used to short and long any token. In this case, the platform addresses the issue of decentralized finance and unleashes a truly free market for derivatives.

All transactions on Logium are peer-to-peer (P2P), completely transparent, accessible through its decentralized contract, and the platform does not store users’ assets.

The transaction is made through the help of the platform provided by Logium through Uniswap. Any coin traded on Uniswap may be forecasted using the multiplier tool.

You may short any of the available tokens with the platform’s assistance, including assets like SHIBA INU, despite fluctuating value.

Nonetheless, its currency performance in the market has outperformed several top cryptocurrencies, and it is currently regarded as one of the finest short-term profit makers among cryptocurrencies. And with Logium, you may profit from this fact.


It is essential to keep in mind that trading is a high-risk activity; as a result, it is your obligation as a trader to work toward minimizing risks while ensuring that you can still earn a profit.


The approach is known as “going short” refers to the process of acquiring an asset while maintaining an open position.

When you anticipate that the price of a certain cryptocurrency will fall over an extended period of time and you are interested in purchasing that coin, you may use this method.

When developing a trading strategy that is optimal for your particular set of circumstances, the two most crucial considerations to give attention to are the analysis of the market and your own level of comfort with taking risks.

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