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Weiss Crypto Sees New “Pay with IOTA” Plugin on WordPress as a Big Means for IOTA’s Mainstream Adoption

Weiss Crypto, the provider of independent ratings of cryptocurrencies, has acknowledged the new plugin designed by a developer from the IOTA community to accept payments on WordPress sites, as a big means for the mainstream adoption of IOTA.

On 20th July 2021, a developer identified as Alexander, the author of the blog on peer-to-peer technologies and cryptocurrencies, took to Twitter to share that the IOTA payment plugin for WordPress has gone live on the platform. This plugin will make it easy for website owners to add the IOTA payment option to their products.

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Alexander tweeted, “Finally my plugin for WordPress is online. Now everyone can quickly and easily find and install the plugin in the integrated library. Now it’s time to wait for Ledger.”

A Means for IOTA’s Mainstream Adoption

This new development gained traction from various quarters of the crypto community. It also caught the attention of the independent crypto rater, Weiss Crypto.

According to Weiss Crypto, the IOTA payment plugin was launched on a viable content management platform, considering the number of websites that currently run on WordPress.

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The crypto rater pointed out that the new plugin would increase the accessibility of IOTA, which will enhance the mainstream adoption of the leading distributed ledger platform.

Weiss Crypto tweeted, “Developers from IOTA community have released plugin that allows all WordPress sites to accept IOTA in a matter of clicks. WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management platforms, and this could increase accessibility and mainstream adoption for IOTA.”

According to the developer, the “Pay with IOTA” plugin is currently available on the official WordPress website. The plugin leverages the IOTA Button function, an out-of-the-box open-source instrument for retail payments on IOTA.

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The WordPress plugin can be installed with only four inputs:

  1. The Firefly address of the recipient.
  2. The predetermined payment total.
  3. The currency (provided for convenient calculations, all payments are in IOTA tokens).
  4. The name of the user or his/her website.

The “Pay with IOTA” plugin can also be used for crypto donations and for different kinds of e-commerce instruments.

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Tobi Loba
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