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Vitalik Buterin Warns against Russians Visa Sanction, Says His Success Can Be Linked To Western Visa

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), has recently warned countries to tread softly while taking decisions on sanctions enforced on Russia. He said they should avoid sanctions that are related to issuing visas to Russian citizens who are willing to leave the country because his success can be linked to the western visa.

Virtually all Ethereum community members know that Buterin is a Russian-Canadian. Many years ago, His parents moved to Canada to seek a greener pasture.

Buterin: Giving Russian Citizens a Visa Ban Is Not the Best

Ethereum co-founder has been continuously condemning the president of Russia Vladimir Putin, since the day the invasion of Ukraine by Russian soldiers began.

Despite his support for Ukraine, he believes that the majority of the citizens of Russia are not in support of the military operation.

There are sanctions already enacted by the West, which are currently affecting all Russians economically, but Buterin sees Russian visa sanctions by countries as unnecessary. He’s of the opinion that such a decision could kill the dreams of many Russians, especially those who dislike the current war started by their government.

In a statement, the Dutch Ambassador to Russia, Gilles Beschoor Plug, said the embassy made the “tough and sad decision” to suspend visa services after its entire visa section was expelled from the Russian Federation.

A tweet by Visegrád 24 reads: “The Netherlands will stop issuing visas to Russian citizens from April 27. The entire EU should do the same.”

In response to the announcement, Buterin said he benefitted from a Western visa 22 years ago, which positively impacted his family.

He said the migration helped his father to start a great business and helped him to grow without the influence of zombie ideology.

Vitalik Buterin tweeted, “Please be careful. 22 years ago, one of the Russians getting a Western visa was me, along with my family. This gave my dad a chance to start a great business and gave me a chance to grow up without the influence of zombie ideology. We should not throw such possibilities away.”

Buterin: Russian Government Is One of My Enemies Now

Vitalik Buterin has also made it clear in an interview that his love for his country of birth has reduced drastically due to its refusal to stop the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

Buterin said he had once admired the Russian government, which made him have a conversation with President Vladimir Putin about 5 years ago. However, due to the current situation, he said the Russian government is one of his enemies.

Vitalik Buterin noted:


“I did talk to him five years ago. I believe in talking to people. I talked to Putin; I talked to the vice-premier of Taiwan at one point, I talked to people in the government of Singapore, I’ve talked to people in Canada, the U.K., and lots of places.

“Vladimir Putin’s lovely Russian government is one of my enemies now. At the present time, there are cities that are being bombed. There are millions of lives and peoples’ families and futures that are being potentially destroyed and cut short, and a beautiful country risks being turned into Syria.”

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