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VeScribe Launches in Las Vegas to Bring VeChain Digital Albums to Engravers Nationwide

VeScribe, a product designed by Digital Key Services, which combines blockchain, NFC, and non-fungible token (NFT) technologies, has been launched in Las Vegas to bring VeChain Digital Albums to engravers nationwide.

The new development was announced a couple of hours ago via VeScribe’s official Twitter handle.

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Vechain Foundation, which recently shared the new development with the community, wrote:

“Congratulations on the launch, VeScribe! A brilliant way to combine the permanence of physical objects and the immutability of blockchain as a means to share special memories and moments with friends, family and loved ones.”

VeChain Foundation went further to explain the use cases embedded in the new product for the VeChain ecosystem:

A brilliant product by Digital Key Services that combines Blockchain, NFC and NFT technologies to create phygital (physical + digital) items. With it, the authenticity of goods are verified trustlessly thanks to immutability provided by VeChainThor.”

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Digital Key Services also described its mobile application as a means to prove source of origin, ownership, and in-Hand status.

It’s said that all its data are recorded on top of a blockchain, precisely VeChainThor, with a sequence of scans. According to the update, the logged history and fixed processes go alongside NFC technology, which creates unbeatable protection from counterfeiting.


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Tobi Loba
Tobi Loba
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