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VeChain Powers TrueStoryteller in Conjunction with Micromation, a Canada-based Consulting Firm

Micromation, a Canada-based IT consulting firm, has partnered with the leading layer one smart contracts platform, VeChainThor, to build a standardized traceability tool, TrueStoryteller.

According to the report, the platform aims to leverage the utility embedded in blockchain technology to unlock data transparency and help companies improve their supply chain management capabilities, strengthen brand trust and tell the stories of their products.

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The report reads in part as follows:

“Micromation was invested to master VeChain ToolChain™, develop a comprehensive business plan, and client service suite. TrueStoryteller combines VeChain’s incredibly powerful and sustainable blockchain architecture with a standardised SaaS model, offering a variety of rapidly deployable digital services for businesses and clients of all sizes.”

The report further stated that Micromation’s client network consists of sustainability-focused brands that are keen to drive innovation in their respective industries. So, TrueStoryteller is designed to provide a perfect platform for innovation, benefiting from a solid reputation built by Micromation over the years.

The firm has already onboarded four clients across four different industries as its first batch, in a quick and seamless operation.

Jonathan Hernandez, the founder of Paril Clothing, one of the onboarded clients, said, “Basically, while I was doing my due-diligence, I was looking for a way to future-proof and present-proof everything. For future-proofing, eventually I’m trying to have everything in house, so I want to keep track of where the cotton is grown, where the fabrics will be sown, cut and sewn, and whatnot…”

Explaining why VeChain is selected among other blockchains in the industry, Hernandez said, “Vechain seemed to be ahead of the curve, and they seem to be focusing on the bigger supply chain problem that exists currently and tracking everything so that’s why I picked them.”

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Lori Strickland, the founder of VeScribe, another onboarded client, said:

“We looked at a lot of blockchains and what we liked about VeChain was that it’s a green blockchain with its Proof of Authority which makes it sustainable and low energy cost. We liked that it had a distributed model, the nodes throughout the world make it secure and we also liked that VeChain has a lot of business partners that make it a very stable blockchain.


“So, we think it’s the most business-friendly blockchain out there, the people at VeChain have been extremely wonderful to us to help us get started and we’re really excited to work with VeChain.”

In conclusion, with more partners like Micromation, VeChain is expected to keep exploring scalable growth models with the intent of empowering the current flow of digital transformation.

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