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VeChain Foundation Urges Terra (LUNA) Developers to Migrate To VeChain, Offers $30,000 to Help

As the Terra team strives to get around the overwhelming issues with the ecosystem, the VeChain Foundation has urged the willing Terra developers to migrate to the VeChainThor blockchain, offering $30,000 each to help to start afresh.

Terra has been devising a number of means to get the blockchain back on track following the fiasco that led to the crash of its two native tokens, LUNA and UST.

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Even the Terra founder, Do Kwon has recommended hard forking the Terra blockchain, a suggestion that was dismissed by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ), who said hard forking is not a viable solution in such a situation.

VeChain Foundation Offers $30,000 to Help Terra Developers

In a tweet on the 16th of May, VeChain Foundation, the non-profit behind the development of the VeChainThor blockchain said the Terra developers, who are no longer happy and looking to migrate should choose VeChain without hesitation.

According to the tweet, the foundation is ready to help the migrating developers with the sum of $30,000. It also claims that VeChain operates a low-carbon emission and scalable blockchain network.

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The foundation further describes VeChain as a leading enterprise-grade public blockchain platform with 100% uptime, sustainable, and rapidly growing in Europe.

VeChain Foundation tweeted, “Luna_Terra Developers if you’re looking to migrate Layer1, we’re offering up to $30k to help! VeChain is a leading enterprise-grade public blockchain, 100% uptime, Sustainable & rapidly growing in the EU. Join us & #buidl the future!”


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