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Upgraded Cardano Typhon Wallet Allows You To Send ADA To Multiple Recipients in One Transaction

Typhon Wallet, a Cardano-powered crypto wallet is changing the narratives by presenting a very rare transfer feature to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The recently introduced ‘multi-address transaction support’ element on this wallet, allows users to send ADA and other tokens to more than one recipient in a single transaction. Thereby reducing transaction fees for users.

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Typhon Wallet Now Supports Multi Recipients Transfers

Conventionally, crypto users can only send coins/ tokens to one wallet address per transaction. Assuming you want to send crypto to seven of your friends, you will have to initiate seven transfer operations. 

While this could be a bit stressful, you also incur charges because with every transfer comes accompanying transaction fees. However, transaction fees vary depending on the blockchain network used to carry out the operation.

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The Typhon Wallet new version 2.2.0 release changes everything. With this latest upgrade on the Cardano wallet, users can now transfer ADA and other supported cryptos to more than one address in one go.

Notably, the operation does not charge a single fee. According to Typhon Wallet, it charges “just a pinch more than a single fee,” claiming that it is hugely less than performing two or more separate transactions.

Ultimately, this development enables users to save previous ADA in fees while also giving room for the addition of metadata, per the announcement.

Discovering Typhon Wallet

The Typhon wallet is said to be a fast, secure as well as feature-rich web and extension Cardano wallet. Typhon is fully compatible with other Cardano wallets like Daedalus.

With the wallet, users can transfer native tokens, and other metadata registered tokens.  Also, users can stake ADA, and transact ADA securely using Ledger Nano S/X and/or Trezor T.

More so, the wallet allows users to send, receive and also view Cardano-based non-fungible tokens or CNFTs.

In addition, users can store ADA in totally different wallet accounts without managing multiple seed phrases. Notably, the Typhon wallet supports 12, 15, and 24-word seed phrases.

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More Wallet Solutions by Cardano

The Input Output Global (IOG), which is the driving force behind the decentralized and smart contract platform, Cardano, is currently developing the Lace wallet. According to the team, the Lace wallet will be launched this summer. 

The upcoming Lace Wallet will be a Cardano-powered application that will serve as a doorway to web3. Interestingly, with this lightweight Cardano crypto wallet, peer-to-peer (P2P) engagement among users will be possible. In addition, users will be able to transfer assets with zero reliance on any third party.

Meanwhile, Cardano is set to implement the much-awaited Vasil upgrade that aims at boosting its blockchain’s functionalities and capabilities.

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