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Upcoming Cardano Vasil Hardfork is Looking Good, Says Charles Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano (ADA) and CEO of Input Output Global (IOG), has dropped another update on the delayed Vasil hardfork combinator event.

In a recent Youtube video live-streamed on August 15th, Charles Hoskinson noted that Vasil is looking good, citing the approval of node 1.35.3, which would be the final version before the upgrade is executed.

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“1.35.3 is out, and that’s probably going to be the node unless something is discovered that the hard fork combinator event is pushed for. So it’s being rapidly adopted and tested and played around with by the community,” Hoskinson said.

“I know you don’t think there’s any Dapps on Cardano, but there’s actually a lot of code that’s been deployed and, because of that, you had to make sure everything was compatible and things were working properly,” he added. 

Considering that no negative issue was found with the recently introduced node 1.35.3, Hoskinson added that testers are excited about the step forward. As also revealed in the Youtube video by the Cardano founder, several upgrades have been rolled out in relation to Plutos and apps deployed as well.

The complex Vasil upgrade which was earlier scheduled for July ending was stalled to give all parties, such as crypto exchanges, Stake Pool Operators (SPOs), and Application Programming Interface (API) developers, enough time to get ready for the major Cardano network update.

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Kevin Hammond, the technical manager of Input Output Global (IOG) who made the announcement, stated that the team behind Cardano Vasil’s hardfork is ensuring that the network upgrade is smooth and successful. 

The Cardano (ADA) founder later showed his disappointment in the team’s inability to roll out the hardfork as earlier planned. In addressing the Cardano community, he stated that the causes of the Vasil upgrade delay are considerably small.

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