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Cardano Vasil Tests Enter Final Stages as New Vasil-Compatible Node Gains Approval

Cardano community is approaching the moment it has long been waiting for. Cardano developers have now entered the final stages of Vasil development, as the node that is fully compatible with Vasil hard fork gains unanimous approval.

A document released on Github a couple of hours ago shows that Cardano developers have finalized version 1.35.3, which is the final node for the Vasil upgrade.

Whale Alert

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According to the shared document, the node fully supports the Vasil era on the Cardano blockchain. The update stated that Node 1.35.3 resolves a number of important issues found in previous versions.

“Node 1.35.3 fixes some important issues with previous versions of the node and provides some CLI enhancements. The node provides full Vasil era capabilities.”

Going by the document, there are some known issues yet to be resolved, such as “Shelley era Tx body in CDDL format is not supported by some CLI commands.”

However, the team said none of these issues can prevent the mainnet paunch of Vasil hard fork. The team assured that these outstanding issues will be addressed later.

It’s shown in the Github document that the Cardano Node 1.35.3 has been officially approved by the technical lead, quality assurance engineer, operations team, and release manager.

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Vasil Upgrade Delayed

It can be recalled that Vasil hard fork was to launch by the end of July 2022, but was delayed due to some unresolved issues. Actually, the delay was deployed by the team in order to carefully implement a smooth network upgrade.

In a YouTube video released in July ending, Input Output Global (IOG), the software firm behind the development of Cardano (ADA), represented by its technical manager Kevin Hammond, emphasized that there was a need to postpone the much-anticipated upgrade.

Kevin Hammond noted:

“Obviously, from where we are, there could be a few more weeks before we go to the actual Vasil hard fork… This is incredibly important. All the users must be ready to progress through the hard fork to ensure a smooth process.”

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Earlier this month, Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano also shared an update to boost the optimism of the community.

In the YouTube video, Hoskinson said the development is in its final testing stages and there shouldn’t be a delay at this point unless something new is discovered.


Charles Hoskinson noted:

“The good news is that the set of things that could go wrong have gotten so small, and now we’re kind of in the final stages of testing in that respect. So unless anything new is discovered, I don’t anticipate that we’ll have any further delays…

“Things are moving in the right direction steadily and systematically and I just wanted to give you guys an update that it’s all well in hand this is the nature of these types of upgrades.”

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